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  1. any worry from some trail damage today?

    Thank you will do. Also thank you every else for the reassurance.
  2. any worry from some trail damage today?

    Hey, we were edging the side of a large water hole and hit a rock due to bad placement of tires. Do you guys think any serious damage happened or anything to be concerned of? It's all dry to the touch for the trail rash is. Although did have to screw back on the stock plastic guard under the...
  3. Anyone know what happened to r3 offroad?

    I was able to get in contact with them and they had shut down some for the holidays and I seemed to have missed the cut off date. They are shipping my item out soon so no worries. Although they didn't arrive in time so I do have a few chips on the hinges now :( haha.
  4. Anyone know what happened to r3 offroad?

    I purchased the door hinge protectors in early Dec. I still don't have them so I put a ticket in on their website about a week ago and no response. I've already been charged so thinking about doing a charge back since I don't have the item nor any communication.
  5. Fumoto F106 M14-1.5 Drain Valve for the Wrangler JL

    Does one come with both? So I could do either or with one plug.
  6. Fumoto F106 M14-1.5 Drain Valve for the Wrangler JL

    Can you drain these without a hose as well? I would like one with dual capability.
  7. Interactive Pricing Worksheets For 2021 JL & JLU Wrangler

    Would either one of you mind adding other trims? I'd be willing to donate $ some to whoever does
  8. Pennzoil platinum and ultra platinum 0w20 on sale at amazon $15.xx or less

    Looks like ultra plat has went back up to $40 reg plat is on sale still.
  9. Northridge4x4's Giveaway Gladiator Build!

    Entered. Winch, rock rails, led lights, front and rear mopar steel or aftermarket bumpers. skid plates, black hard top
  10. JLU and JL Interactive Pricing Worksheets Updated for 2019! 1-8% below invoice pricing added.

    I know no one will prob want to take the time out of their day to do this if they already own a jeep but would anyone mind updating the spreadsheets with all the new trims ect? I'd be willing to paypal some money over to them for some coffee/beer/lunch or something. Or it would be awesome if...
  11. 1941 side stripe decal...?

    Probably look better on a different color
  12. Totaled or not?

    Nice so you made money. Well maybe but a lot of hassle and stress and maybe rent a car. Glad it's all almost over
  13. Totaled or not?

    Did they completely pay it out for you or give any extra since you'll be out tax fees and crap again?
  14. Totaled or not?

    So what now Moke
  15. 2018 JL - Wrangler Unlimited Sport S - Starting Problem

    Make sure all fuses are seated. Some saying they are not fully in on their new jl
  16. Ordering cut off...

    Order cut off date for 2018s is July 19th as far as I know. Some people think some of the late arrival colors will be available for early 2019 model year but no guarantees until they announce it. Its posted here...
  17. Trade value of a JLUR?

    I heard some forum members mentioning getting a tune to fix crap feel on low rpm on Tacoma's but I don't really exactly remember what. Maybe search the forum for Tacoma tune to get the name of it. But idk if it will void warranty