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  1. Couple Windrock Questions

    Hey gang, couple questions concerning Windrock: 1. My buddy has a Willys edition JLU with no modifications except a winch, he is hesitant about Trail 22. What say the hive? Do you guys think we could spot him through the rocks? I have never been on 22 so I don't know how the rocks look. 2. Any...
  2. Windrock October 25-27

    I was going with a group down to Windrock at the end of October but the group had to cancel. I had already booked a yurt and figured what the heck, may as well keep it and head down from Ohio. Would anyone be interested in hitting some easy/moderate trails with me? Might try and go to Nemo...
  3. Gauge Cluster Configuration

    Howdy all, I have been tinkering with my gauge cluster configuration ever since I purchased the Jeep and cannot seem to settle on something. Just curious to see what you all are sporting. Here's my current setup: Left: Time Center: MPH Right: Range to empty Main: Radio info Thanks, Sean
  4. Ohio beginner trails

    Anyone know of some bunny hill trails where myself and another new JL owner can hopefully not rollover in the southern Ohio area. We know about Rush and some other places across the river but was curious about anywhere else. I’ve heard about some Shawnee State Park roads and such. Thanks for any...