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  1. Anyone getting a discount, new off the lot?

    I’m testing the waters. Thinking of selling my ‘18 Sport 2-door and picking up something new with a few more bells and whistles. Are people finding dealers who’ll sell for less than MSRP? This is for a brand new unit for sale on the dealer lot.
  2. Hood hump stone dent. Anyone had a paintless repair?

    I picked up a dent on the flatish front edge of the hood “hump” today. Has anyone had a paintless repair done on the JL hood? Feeling with my hand under the hood liner it seems that the hood is two layers which may be a problem for paintless dent removal.
  3. Rubicon JL Rims on Base 2 Door Sport (Pics)

    Factory Goodyear Wrangler A/T tires on Rubicon wheels. For those who want to leave the speedometer and odometer unaffected by the larger Rubicon KO2s. Paid $140 for the installation and TPMS switch at my local tire shop.
  4. Rubicon WTB 2 Door Rubicon Suspension (Delmarva)

    I’m in Southern Delaware, and I’m in no hurry. Let me know if you’ve got one in the Delmarva, Southern NJ areas. MUST be a 2 door suspension, not Unlimited.
  5. Soft top ripples. Pic attached.

    Passenger side is smooth, but the drivers side has multiple ripples that I would guess were caused by the fabric not being tight when the plastic seam grabber was sewn on. Would anyone else be bothered by this?
  6. Rubicon WTB Rubicon Wheels (Delmarva)

    Wheels only. If you have a complete set of take offs I’d be interested for a price, but I’d have to sell off the tires. Willing to travel. I’m located in zip 19971.
  7. Peeling off the Wrangler Sport stickers

    I’ve has a couple of questions from another thread that I posted to about removing the Wrangler Sport stickers from the sides of my Jeep. There’s no problem getting them off. Don’t worry. If there’s a little adhesive left behind, just tap the sticky side of the sticker on it and it’ll come...
  8. Sold: *SOLD*

    Brand new stock BFG KO2 Tires 285/70 17 take off tires. Tires only. Dismounted at less than 50 miles. Tires are still mounted to the standard Rubicon JL wheels so I’m only going to separate the tires and wheels after they tire have a new owner. I’ll pay for the tire shop to separate them. No...
  9. Rubicon *SOLD*

    Must pick up in person. My SUV will only hold 4. If you have access to wholesale shipping rates you’re welcome to send me stickers for shipping on your dime. Literally less than 50 miles on them. I included a pic of the numbering on the tread face (where rubber meets road) to depict the...
  10. for sale- Trail Rated Kit

    I have a brand new Trail Rated Kit for sale. I bought a Wrangler off the lot and it was one of the options. I think it was a $195 option. I don’t need it. PM me with an offer including your zip code so I can calculate shipping.
  11. Set of 5 Sport Goodyear A/T Wheels & Tires.

    Did you buy your Wrangler Sport with the highway mud and snow tires and want a more aggressive, off-road capable Wrangler? Do you drive a ton of miles and just want a spare set of tires? Then here’s your answer. You’ll need to transfer over your TPMS since I’m keeping the set for replacements...
  12. Sold: SOLD! Trail Rated Kit new in box

    SOLD. I received a Trail Rated Kit with my new Wrangler and I have no use for it. Make me an offer, shipping included, along with your zip code.
  13. Trail Rated Kit new in box

    I have a brand new Trail Rated Kit that I received with my new Wrangler JL. It’s never been removed from the sealed cardboard box, which is exactly how it’ll be shipped to you. Make me an offer, shipping included, with your zip code.
  14. Rubicon Bought a set. Delete.

    Let me know what you have. Miles, condition and price. Would strongly prefer TPMS be included, and wheels that are in excellent condition. I don’t mind waiting for someone close. So if your take offs will be available sometime this fall/winter let me know about what you’ll have for sale. PM me...