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  1. Has anyone mounted an ARB Twin behind the rear seat, bolted to a slipstream...

    I finally bit the bullet and bought an ARB Twin so I can replace my $70 amazon special portable compressor. Spending $!50 for a bracket to put it under the passenger seat doesn't sit well. I also have that space used already. So, I was thinking of bolting it to the rear panel of the...
  2. Minnesota MetalCloak Rear Diff Skid

    Decently used rear diff skid. Scraping but no real deformation. Bottom side was painted black but has some wear. I trussed my rear axle and had to remove this due to interference. Simple bolt-on install. Was $161 new. Asking $100. North Metro area.
  3. Minnesota Driver Side Front Fender flare (factory LED)

    I toasted the passenger side one on the trail so I went aftermarket. Driver side flare is in decent shape. Fender liner not included. Asking $75. I'm in the North Metro area.
  4. Minnesota Sold: 2019 JLU Rubicon takeoff suspension

    Was on my rig for about 15k miles. Includes springs, shocks, all 8 control arms, front track bar, 4 sway bar end links. Mainly highway but some offroad miles. Asking $300. Located near twin cities metro.
  5. Minnesota Sold: JLUR Rubi Rock Rails

    ~4200 miles on them. One short dirt road trip so they're in great shape. Asking $150.
  6. Minnesota Plastic Rubicon Bumpers for sale

    Plastic Rubicon Bumpers for sale in the Twin Cities area. Maybe 3-4K miles on them. Fog Lights not included. Asking $250 OBO for the set. Willing to meet somewhere close. Not sure shipping is viable.
  7. Raised worksurface for Springtail tailgate table

    So, instead of buying the stainless steel one from Doc I decided to do my own thing. It's not completely finished yet but it's functional. I wasn't thinking about posting it so I didn't take a lot of pics along the way. I bought a 3/8" 12" x 24" sheet of black HDPE off Amazon ($18) and used...
  8. Aftermarket lift kit cadence

    So, other than the MOPAR lift there are a few others that are starting to come out. What I've seen (which may not be all of them) is that they're all budget boost types - spring spacers and shock mount relocation brackets. Is this typical of the early lifts? i expected to see more kits with...