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  1. lost OffRoad Pages gained MarketPlace

    Just tried this and 1 start later my ORP’s are back along with the useless Marketplace. Thanks!
  2. lost OffRoad Pages gained MarketPlace

    Also no joy with my ORP’s. I did get a email from a Lauren from uConnect customer care but so far I have not been able to reach her either by email or phone. With the holidays and all I can understand that. This is Lauren from Uconnect Case Management and I have been assigned to your file. Your...
  3. lost OffRoad Pages gained MarketPlace

    Mine is also missing. I sent Allison @Jeep Cares a message. Hopefully I’ll get mine back soon.
  4. V41 recall - parts not available at any dealer in my area

    I had mine done at Smith Haven Jeep. I had no issue getting the recall done last week. Good luck.
  5. V41 recall - parts not available at any dealer in my area

    I was waiting for a new passenger seat frame as mine had a popping noise when anyone would sit on it. I had to wait 2 months for a new frame Since it was on back order. When I took my Jeep in for the seat repair I asked about the recall. I was told no problem. They fixed it the same day as the...
  6. Northeast Group Buy 7% under for '20 MY

    I ordered my 19 Sahara from Mark and it was a very smooth and excellent experiance. Mark gave me a very good price on my trade in and an excellent deal on my Sahara. The transaction was the best dealership experience I ever had with a dealer. At 65 years old that says a lot as I've bought many...
  7. Anyone know what these straps are for?

    I just put my soft top on my 2019 Sahara. In the box was a package with 4 straps. I know the straps on the bottom are the Velcro straps for the Sunrider and complete down position for the soft top. What’s puzzling me are the 2 straps shown on top. I can not figure or find a purpose for these...
  8. JL Soft Top Install Video!

    I haven’t installed my soft top yet but m understanding is you need to install the top on a warm day. Put the soft top in the sun while you install the hardware. The top needs to warmup so it can stretch to fit. The fit will be tight but eventually loosen up. Hope this helps.
  9. JL Soft Top Install Video!

    Thank you Hailey!
  10. JL Soft Top Install Video!

    Alex, the link for the written instructions is broken. I get page not forund on your website when I click on it. Do you have another link for it? Thanks
  11. Jtops discount code

    From what I understand you can not stack discounts. It was my understanding that the JL15 was a 15% discount. I may have been mistaken and it’s only a $15 discount. To clear this up I suggest you contact Mike at Jtops, he’s the owner a great person to deal with. Send him a message through...
  12. MOPAR soft top window storage bag review

    I haven’t used my bag yet as I still have the hardtop on. According to the ditzy women in this video you need to place the bag in back in a certain way (around the 45 sec. mark). Again I haven’t tried it but I would like to know.
  13. Jtops discount code

    If your getting ready or are thinking about ordering some excellent merchandise from JTOPS (https://www.jtopsusa.com/) there is a Spring discount code you can use. In addition to the normal JL15 code for 15% off for forum members there is also the Spring10 for 10% off for non-forum members. If...
  14. Air compressor

    I bought the Smittybuilt 2781. Very happy with it. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B004K25GMG/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  15. WTB Topsy hinge hoist bracket set for 4dr JL

    I just checked their website and added them to my cart. I didn’t get any message that they were our of stock but I didn’t complete the transaction as I bought a set last month. Try to order again.
  16. Hard top ceiling suspension

    What bracket are you looking at? The Topsy bracket and T-Bar are available from the site I posted.
  17. Hard top ceiling suspension

    I have the hand crank version of the Lange hoist. Forget cranking by hand, just remove the crank along with the square crank locking bracket. Tighten down the lock nut on the crank and get yourself a deep socket that fits the nut (I forgot the size). Then use a cordless drill to raise or lower...
  18. Dual Top Owners - When do you switch to Soft Top?

    My 1st Wrangler and my 1st soft top. I just installed my Lange hoist so I’m ready to take my hard top off. I’ll probably swap tops mid April.