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  1. Took the 4xe on its first road trip and the gas milage was a shock

    FWIW, I picked up an JLUR with the V6 and XR package in Nampa and drove it back home to Seattle. Granted I was trying to break it in, but I still averaged 16 MPG for the trip home. Most of the way was running 65-80 to vary engine speed and stay within the speed limits.
  2. April Sedona/Grand Canyon Trip (Advice Needed)

    Soldiers Pass is also a hiking trail with a tiny parking lot and zero overflow, the neighbors have been doing everything they can to restrict access. That said, pulling into the parking lot at the trailhead for Soldiers pass, opening the locked gate, and driving through was super funny. The...
  3. Washington WeatherTech cargo mat

    At this point it is the path of least resistance to get it out of my garage. Cheaper and quicker for me to drop it at the dump than go through the process of shipping it
  4. Washington WeatherTech cargo mat

    So several people are asking if I will ship....if you want to send me a box and a prepaid label I am more than happy to ship.
  5. 2024 Wrangler Refresh ordering starts 3/15/23 with updated grille, new screen, cluster, seats, wireless CarPlay & more

    Actually I prefer wired, because I can control when carplay is enabled much easier. Wife's BMW has it wirelessly and every time I seem to touch my phone, I lose the radio even though what I am looking at on the phone doesn't have sound
  6. Beware the dealerships!!

    Well....a co-worker had his BMW serviced at the local dealer and found....a used condom in the back seat...
  7. Washington WeatherTech cargo mat

    well....I don't have a suitable box....if you want to send me a prepaid label and box I can send your way....
  8. Public Service Announcement for Buyers With a Trade

    My bad - I only saw Houston on your profile. Still given how hungry the typical dealership is I am surprised they didn't want to assist this for you.
  9. XTREME RECON Edition JL Club Thread

    I have shelves hanging from the joists across the back…if I can condense and remove some of the crap up there I may remove a section.
  10. Public Service Announcement for Buyers With a Trade

    That’s rough, might be a Texas thing tho. I have traded a few in missing paperwork and the dealers adds the “lost title” form to the stack of paper to sign
  11. HYDRO BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    I think you will be very pleased with the mud flaps. My door hinges took a real beating before I got mine installed. Oh, and the rest looks great too!
  12. XTREME RECON Edition JL Club Thread

    FWIW we rebuilt our in-city garage about 20 years ago. The building foot print makes it a generous 1 car garage. I elected to add an over sized door (9x8) and raise the height 1 foot. The perspective is a bit off but my XR fits through the door easily and I have ~ 20 feet of depth. My concern...
  13. Lift recommendations

    sorry, screen capture from Instagram, I would not recommend this spacer lift. I assume it it is pretty cheap tho. 😜
  14. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    My Jeep had a full tank of gas at pickup
  15. Washington WeatherTech cargo mat

    Agreed - though I got rid of Facebook years ago. I can't see tossing it into the dump if I can find anybody who can use it
  16. Washington Free plastic Rubicon bumper

    Still available, and totally worth the asking price!
  17. Washington WeatherTech cargo mat

    Now $25 so I don’t look stupid taking this to the dump!
  18. My defroster cracked my windshield

    Dang, my ‘21 had Gorilla Glass when it got blasted on a road trip to Moab, ( Thanks Utah DOT for not mitigating all the gravel on the highway!). Anyway my deductible was $250, and the safelite guy didn’t make any mention how expensive the glass would be…I dunno, that just sounds really high?
  19. My defroster cracked my windshield

    FWIW, I am 100% against extended warranties - never buy em for anything....that said with my latest JLUR XR purchase I did buy the 5 year glass one for $500. First time ever. No deductible and OEM glass via Safelite. My insurance deductible is $250, so my gamble was I would go through 3 of em...
  20. HYDRO BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    Congratulations - hopefully Spring gets here soon!