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  1. Best way to stop a thief from towing your Jeep?

    Correct, property is not defensible with deadly force, unless your life is also in danger. Physical force maybe, deadly force, no. CO law: Use of Physical Force in Defense of Property A person is justified in using reasonable and appropriate physical force upon another person when and to the...
  2. The Lowly 2 door Sport Club!

    Sent ya a message
  3. The Lowly 2 door Sport Club!

    Still have them?
  4. HELP...How to attach trickle charger during Jeep storage

    I’ve been through Isla Mujeres, on a boat looking for whale sharks. And had lunch there at that amazing beach. Great day with whale sharks, and beaching, I’ve done a walk/run on iFIT on Isla Mujeres too, was a beautiful walk on a stony path along ocean. Congrats on having a place there, envious!
  5. Any reason not to get this aftermarket hood? EDIT- FOUND THE PERFECT HOOD

    I have the TOTL Innovations hood, love it, water is no concern. Heat ventilation out it the top is perfect.
  6. HELP...How to attach trickle charger during Jeep storage

    Any size amp will work just fine for long term storage. I have a 3 amp Noco, for my weekly driven jeep, 2018 with original batteries Still. Given it will sit that long on a maintainer, anything will work, the Noco came with red and black cables with eyelets, just bolt those to the pos and...
  7. At wit’s end with 2022 MT JLU

    Nobody has said it right yet, ;), it’s a dual mass flywheel. More from me on this here: https://www.jlwranglerforums.com/forum/threads/jl-3-6-manual-transmission-clutch-please-eli5.100866/page-4#post-2090237 more here, last bit at the end...
  8. Sway Bar disconnects

    Watch the video, install of the component on the right is on a Sport, via if I recall correctly, been a while since I watched the video, a take off rubicon disconnect. The part on the right works in lieu of electric.
  9. Sway Bar disconnects

    When interest finally hits me to not crawl under my Sport and disconnect my JKS sway bars, this is what I have in mind, https://evomfg.com/collections/no-limits-sway-bar-disconnect-for-jl-jt-jk-rubicon
  10. 3.6L ESS Aux Battery Bypass

    With 2019, here’s your aux negative #6 , like my 2018, I saved this picture from rhine https://www.jlwranglerforums.com/forum/threads/3-6l-ess-aux-battery-bypass.17293/page-36#post-1810514
  11. Running in 4 Hi in the rain

    Got tired of reading after 6 pages to see if anyone has said what I wanted to say, so here it is. you should not drive in 4hi on pavement of any conditions for an extended amount of time. I would consider using 4hi like option number 4 or 5. remind her that ESC is there and it will do its...
  12. Goodbye to my third Jeep (JLUR) bc fire!

    W12 is the recall number, came out in march of 2020. Here’s the thread, https://www.jlwranglerforums.com/forum/threads/clutch-recall-fca-w12-20v-124-on-2018-2020-jl-manuals-overheating-clutch-pressure-plate.47887/
  13. Goodbye to my third Jeep (JLUR) bc fire!

    There are two recalls, second is just software, first is a tube over the hydraulic fluid hose, a tool for bleeding the system after installing the hose, plus some other steps.
  14. Goodbye to my third Jeep (JLUR) bc fire!

    Glad you are ok. Question, How long ago did you have the clutch recalls done?
  15. JL 3.6 Manual Transmission Clutch.... Please ELI5

    I am not an expert either, but I have been searching since your post. I have a mt and love it, never had any issues, and haven’t done either recall as I fear risk with dealership introducing issues in my perfectly operating clutch. I did 3 of the 4 parts of the first recall myself, remove the...
  16. Centerforce Clutch Updates.

    More info would be needed To offer anything intelligent. Have you done the two recalls? If you look at the hose from the brake reservoir, does it look ok? Any cracks or drying? If you did the recall, the sleeve might make it hard to see. if you have done the recalls, then the computer is...
  17. Centerforce Clutch Updates.

    FCA compensating?? probably have a better chance winning the lottery ;)
  18. Centerforce Clutch Updates.

    Yeah totally, and for me, I haven't done either recall because they are both crap (for me). Including the engine limp software flash. especially for the lady, the dealership clearly screwed up her clutch, and if performed by the dealership, the heat detection limp mode never kicked in for her...
  19. Centerforce Clutch Updates.

    Totally false, literally everything you said. I have a May 2018 build and have not completed any recalls around the clutch, there are only two recalls, and my vehicle recall page only shows one. I can take a pic and post here if you would like. if we are talking about the lady with her two...