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  1. Willys XR vs Rubi XR

    It’s more of a money/time issue than wife. Plus it would be a guy trip as she is not interested in off-roading at all.
  2. Willys XR vs Rubi XR

    After quite a few years of bugging the wife it looks like I finally got the ok to get one. This is after being Jeepless for many a moon. Only had CJ’s and TJ’s before I was married. My question is, other than the electronic disco’s, what is the difference between the Willys XR and the Rubi XR...
  3. I don't get the Sahara

    Your right. I had to look that up. Its been a moon or two since I drove that car.
  4. Soft top front latch

    This should be a warranty issue.
  5. I don't get the Sahara

    Kinda like what Chevy did with the Camaro in the '90s when they put the big block 350 in a base car with a 6 speed shifter. That car was stupid fast after just some minor tinkering and a good flash.
  6. Rear end collision advice

    I am not an MD of any type but all I can say is that is I love chiropractors. I can tell the difference from when I stop going for a while and when I start back on my routine. It is amazing the difference. The walking gait, lower back pain, stress headaches, and so much more. It is all part and...
  7. JL jealousy

    I am not old enough to remember watching those shows first run but I am old enough to remember being hit by my old man's loafers to go change the channels for him.
  8. Jeep vs deer (or other critters)

    A brown bear rolling down the side of a mountain in PA took out my car once a long time ago. The bear just shook it off like it was a mosquito bite. He just walked over to the edge of the road, curled up into a ball and continued rolling down the side of the mountain. I went back to my...
  9. No volume from Alpine radio

    Alpine system has three fuses. Double check all three and make sure they are seated properly and/or not burned out.
  10. I went ahead and did it...Traded in my JL Sport for a JL Rubicon

    OP is in South Florida so it is in Brazil pulling a cart...
  11. All Six Jeep Pickup Concepts Revealed For Easter Jeep Safari

    I would be divorced tomorrow because I would be bringing home a Scrambler today. That is all.
  12. Factory Orders in Florida

    Reputable dealers in Florida. I almost fell out of my chair laughing. I don't think that terminology has existed for at least 30 years in FL. I used to live in Palm Beach and Dade Counties and no way would I buy anything there. Hell, I can't find anything around me in ATL either. Just work with...
  13. Please Explain... Mopar Swing Gate Reinforcement

    It is a Mopar Swing Gate Reinforcement. No where does it say that it is a Swing Gate Hinge Reinforcement. This item was designed to reinforce the crappy metal that is used to skin the swing gate that an oversize tire may damage due to movement while under power, off-roading, and just plain old...
  14. Buyers remorse?

    We could be awesome friends. :rock:
  15. New colors available on the Gladiator! Available for JL soon?

    If Gator turns out to be Tank I am sold. Wife be damned. I will be sleeping in the Jeep for a few months. Oh well, won't be the first time. ;)
  16. Tan Soft Tops

    That is a solid no-no for me also. Never understood that from the manufacturers. I realize that it is a cost/supply thing but it is also an aesthetic thing for a majority of purchasers. Most people want the interior to have one solid theme going on. Maybe some pleasing accents but nothing...
  17. Tan Soft Tops

    The blue w/tan top looks nice. I am not crazy about the tan interior though. It is just too light for my taste. It needs to be darker like the top in your pic.
  18. Spare change - where do you keep / organize?

    Had a bunch as a kid, never used them for change. They always ate my fingers....
  19. JLWF / Quake LED Giveaway: Quake LED JL Headlights!

    QUU523 QUU527 QME159 QME058 QTL924 QUIC765
  20. Wranglers a lot like Harleys

    I didn't realize they started making before AMF as the only ones I ever recall seeing were the AMF ones. If the site is correct I stand corrected and thank you TV. :like: