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  1. Maryland GONE-Used Rubi take off shocks/springs

    I have a set of take off Rubicon springs and shocks that were on my sport for about a year (~20k miles total) before I lifted it further with synergy springs. They’re free to a good home, but no shipping or delivering outside of Annapolis.
  2. Transfer case anyone do a DIY swap?

    I know someone here has swapped transfer cases. Is it a reasonable DIY for someone who can turn a wrench? I do most of my own work, except gears. I’m considering an atlas or a rubicon t-case for my sport. I had blast wheelin’ today, but could have used lower gearing on some technical...
  3. Need help comparing springs (JL to JK)

    long story but I want to run Synergy springs... trouble is my PR44 can’t run the JL springs (Synergy swaps out the plastic lower perch, but that perch is metal, “indexed”, and welded to the PR44). So to run synergy springs they recommend JK springs. Th JL “-20” spring is longer (20.75-21.25”)...
  4. PR44 and Synergy Springs... need JK p/n

    hi all Just an FYI if you have a PR44 and want to use synergy front springs, use JK springs. The Synergy JL springs swap out the stock plastic bottom spacer/seat for a flat one. The PR lower spring perch is indexed for stock springs with a metal plate that has tack welded bolts. Meaning you...
  5. Control arm skids?

    my control arm brackets on my axles are taking a beating from rocks. I am considering control arm brackets, but are they worth it? Anyone who uses them wheeling have good or bad to say about them? I spend a lot of $$ and effort to gain ground clearance and I am concerned the protection of the...
  6. Flipped Fox Steering Dampener hits tie rod?

    anyone else have this issue? I installed a synergy SD relocation kit and my fox SD just barely hits the tie rod at full right turn. I’m assuming that’s just how it’s going a be?
  7. Rev hang gone, anyone else?

    Anyone else with a 6 speed manual have their rev hang go away? Mine disappeared after regearing about 5k miles ago. I had 4.56’s installed and then did the computer relearn (to get the reverse camera back and get rid of the ESS error message) described by sharkbite22 in post #22 here...
  8. 4.56 regear done with 6 speed manual

    For reference: I regeared my Sport that has the manual 6 speed and 33” tires to 4.56 gears. I have not wheeled with this yet (still waiting on the damn front driveshaft for my new front axle). I have 1,000 on road miles to date. 35” tires will come next, but I thought I’d post what it’s like...
  9. Santa came early: Prorock44

    Prorock 44 with 4.56 gears and an Eton elocker. I hope to have it installed by next week.
  10. Maryland Sport alloy wheels and tires take offs (5)

    FREE Annapolis, Md 5 sport JL wheels and tires, removed at about 500 miles. No damage, no TPMS, just alloy wheels and mounted stock sport tires. No shipping, local pick up only (hey they are free after all). They’re taking up garage space and I want them gone.
  11. Prorock 44

    I'm on the verge of ordering a PR44. For those who’ve done this, did you need new adjustable control arms, or a new driveshaft? I will never have more than 2” of lift, even in the future. I have rubicon springs and 0.5” spacers now, and the longer Mopar LCAs that come with the 2” lift (although...
  12. River Raider Snorkel

    Does anyone have experience with Hauk Offroad River Raider snorkels? I don’t like the sound of th 3.6 and have been considering a CAI, BUT... Occasionally I wheel in water up to the hood, and I always fear it will go deeper and overwhelm the stock air box. So, I’m wondering if a snorkel will...
  13. Quality Assurance Test Sticker

    I had this sticker below on my window. It said my JL was selected at random for this test (and hence 36 miles on the odo). Does every new Jeep come with it? Is it just PR, or a real thing (random testing)? I know I could go to a dealer and look, but I thought I’d ask the brain trust here (and...