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  1. Goodbye JL

    I have a 2015 ML 63 AMG V8 biturbo 500HP+. Towing capacity 7200 lbs, unibody, AWD.
  2. Goodbye JL

    My reasoning is not far from yours. The MB AMG came before the Jeep. But the toys grew up, and the Jeep couldn't pull them. So, yes, I bought a truck, than can tow and hold his own in rough roads. The MB has good towing capacity, but you cannot even find a off road tire for it. Like someone...
  3. Goodbye JL

    See, my point exactly. I ended up taking the MB camping and hauling UTVs. The Jeep only around town, hehehe.
  4. Goodbye JL

    I did consider the Gladiator, but I think the Gladiator is compromise between the Jeep and the towing capacity of the other trucks. Decided to go for 10,000+ towing capacity. Go big or go home kind of thing.
  5. Goodbye JL

  6. Goodbye JL

    I enjoyed this forum since 2018 when I got my JLRU MT. The jeep gave me few headaches, most caused by myself. No complaints. Great car and fun to drive. Only reason to part ways with my Jeep is towing capacity. A few changes in my life and I found myself using my MB AMG being the one going where...
  7. Code P1404

    Yes, done and fixed !!
  8. Code P1404

    2018 Rubicon 3.6L, 51,000 miles, manual transmission, only mods Borla exhaust and Intake, but mods where done when new (<5,000). About 1,000 miles ago went thru a whole fiasco with the dealer performing the clutch recall and replacing a valve lifter ( engine starting clicking). If you are not...
  9. Code P1404

    This morning the when I started the Jeep the CK Engine Light stayed on. The code is P1404. Description says EGR malfunction. I did a search on this forum and came empty. Hard to believe I am the first one. Some suggestion before I order the part and replace it?
  10. Check out this picture of my steering stabilizer!

    Honestly, the Rough Country was cheap. I just don’t like the lack of transparency. I’ll get a better one and move on.
  11. Check out this picture of my steering stabilizer!

    You bet. I don’t ever go to the dealer unless is a recall.
  12. Check out this picture of my steering stabilizer!

    This is weird. I took my JL to the dealer for the clutch recall ( it’s a software upgrade). I got my JL back over a week ago. Yesterday as I walk by the car I noticed a sticker on the steering stabilizer with an arrow pointing on the wrong direction. So I look closer, and that is a Mopar...
  13. Clutch recall- I would have been better off without the clutch recall.

    This is my case only. I am not advising you to do or not to do the recall. In my case it has been a nightmare. I got the notice on the mail to make an appointment for the clutch recall. So i did get an appointment for the following week. Exactly the day after the notice, my Jeep developed a...
  14. RPM based rattle/knock above 2.5k RPM

    Hey how did it go? Your Jeep ok?
  15. Check engine light code U1 1 B800

    I just pick up my Jeep from the dealer where they performed the clutch recall. When I started the Jeep the Ck engine light was on. It has never been on before. Walked back and they say that my ECU was not original, therefore they couldn’t clear the code. They were closing so they told me to come...
  16. RPM based rattle/knock above 2.5k RPM

    https://www.jlwranglerforums.com/forum/threads/jlru-manual-t-forced-induction-experience-procharger-supercharger.17458/ The short of it is, that with the manual transmission the belt kept coming off under heavy acceleration. If I stepped on the gas to high RMP when I pressed the clutch to...
  17. RPM based rattle/knock above 2.5k RPM

    Update. I gave them the go ahead and fix the engine ticking. They just call and said that it is "only" a rocker arm $55 plus $1,500 labor. ouch, but less than originally quoted.
  18. Clutch Recall (FCA W12 | 20V-124) on 2018-2020 JL Manuals [overheating clutch pressure plate]

    Here in the Midwest is cheaper. I took mine for the Y07 recall. I had noticed that the transmission was smeared with engine oil. Very small leak, but a leak none the less. So I asked about fixing the leak. They quoted $700 labor to replace the rear engine seal. So I asked if they would replace...
  19. New 2021 JLR clutch vibration/buzz feel in the pedal

    54,000 miles 2018 Rubi, no issues with the clutch, very smooth and no vibrations. That's not to say that I am happy with the recall. I think the clutch is under designed and won't last as long as other cars/clutches last.
  20. RPM based rattle/knock above 2.5k RPM

    That's another story. I voided the warranty long ago when I attempted to fit a supercharger. The software was modified and then reverted back to the original. I know that had nothing to do with current issue because the supercharger was quickly removed. Back then the Jeep had less than 10,000...