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  1. California Sold: Mopar steel front bumper San Diego

    JL Mopar Steel front bumper, Mopar winch guard, Warn winch plate (you will need some rivnuts and bolts to install the skid as those can’t come off once installed $15 at parts dept), Maximus 3 stealth license plate mount and Warn fair lead. Comes with LED fog lights, but does not come with the...
  2. California Sold: Rock Krawler Gen 2 disconnects

    Brand new never used/installed. $140 picked up in Sand Diego or shipped. https://rockkrawler.com/jl-jt-gen-ii-front-disconnects/
  3. California Sold: Synergy Disconnects

    Synergy front swaybar disconnects and Sway bar relocation brackets. On Jeep for 8000 miles, switched to a non disconnect. Disconnect bracket painted flat black to blend in with frame. Pickup in San Diego or $140 shipped...
  4. California Rubicon front driveshaft - San Diego

    Was installed for around 12k, swapped out when lifted. Been sitting in the garage in the Adam’s box for a year now. $75 picked up in San Diego or will ship on your dime.
  5. California WTB - Sting Grey JLU Hard Top

    Looking to buy a Sting Grey JLU Hard Top. I’m located in San Diego and willing to travel a good distance. Would also trade a black hard top plus cash if that interests you. Send me a message with how much you are looking for.
  6. Sting Grey JLU Hardtop

    Anyone with a painted Sting Grey hardtop want to trade for a standard black hardtop plus $1500 or $1000 & Powertank? Wanted to throw it out there before I get mine sanded/painted in the next month.
  7. American Adventure Lab inner fender with Synergy Brace

    Has anyone installed the AAL front inner fenders with the Synergy Track bar brace? The Synergy brace covers the rear facing mounting hole for the inners and looking for recommendations other than cutting the rear part off. Photo shows the rear mount bolt that is covered by the Synergy brace.
  8. California Sold: Rear Steel Bumper San Diego

    Rear steel bumper in great condition. This is the version without sensor holes. Comes with all hardware but no license plate light as that was reused on my new bumper. The light from your stock plastic bumper can be moved over to the steel bumper. $200 picked up in San Diego, would also...
  9. California Sold: Rock Hard Belly Skid San Diego

    Looking to lighten up the build, I have a full Rock Hard 4x4 belly skid system for the 3.6 in great condition. Don't even think I have hit a rock yet. Located in San Diego for pick up only. Looking for $900 OBO. https://www.rockhard4x4.com/product_p/rh-90509.htm
  10. WTB — Rubicon fender liners — San Diego

    Anyone that has split your rubicon fenders looking to sell your stock inners? I’m in San Diego but can travel a little.
  11. California Sold: Mopar A Pillar Light Mount

    Removed from a friends JL when he traded it in. In great condition, only “issue” is 3 of the 4 bolts included had to be reused on the traded in JL since Mopar tells you to throw the original hardware away. So you get the top mounting hardware, and 1 of the 4 bottom mounting. I did go buy 4 black...
  12. California WTB — Rhino Rack Vortex

    Looking for a 2 bar system, specifically looking for the Rhino Rack brand as I already have some components for it. In San Diego but travel to OC/LA from time to time. Let me know if you have some for sale. Will buy new ones in a couple weeks if I don’t find any.
  13. Rear Reverse Lights

    Hey @ORACLElights are you guys able to make a replacement for the rear red reflectors in the OEM Steel/Plastic bumpers to have a white light for help with rear facing light for backing up? Something with around 400-600 lumens per light so its not overwhelming bright. The below company made...
  14. San Diego — Choosing Gears

    Anyone with 4.88 or 5.13 gears with the 8 speed and 37’s around? Maybe give me a ride down the road :) I keep seeing everyone say 5.13, but @RebelOffRoad recommends 4.88 and don’t want to regret my decision.
  15. California Sold: WTB — Steel Rear Bumper — San Diego

    Want to buy a rear steel bumper with or without sensor holes. I’m in San Diego but willing to drive up the coast a little. Prefer it to be in good condition.
  16. San Diego C02

    Anyone have a good spot in San Diego to fill up C02 tanks for a reasonable price? I've called around to welding supply shops, fire extinguisher and home brew places and they are all $40-$60 for a 10 pound take which seems excessive. I remember just a few years ago it was $25 :(