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  1. Hood Hinge Recall coming soon due to stress cracks

    So a little bird told me a recall should be coming soon for the jeep hood hinges as many are showing cracks in the hinges as they were made with the wrong metal and they’re starting to get stress cracks. Guess I’ll be keeping my eye out.
  2. Leaked Stellanis memo—Wrangler name ending!

    Apparently a leaked memo from Stellanis is saying the wrangler name is ending!!! :angry::angry: I put the link to the article here!! Stellantis ending
  3. Locking rear seats

    Does anyone know of a way to lock the rear seats so they don’t fold down? I used to have an SUV that I could use my key and it would lock my seats in the upright position and would disable the handle to fold them down. I’ve done some research and haven’t found anything yet.
  4. Mr Buddy Fuel Filter F272699

    Random question but does anyone have this fuel filter you’d either be willing to sell me, or let me borrow? I’d be happy to pay for shipping etc. decided to plan a last minute camping trip and so far I haven’t been able to find one anywhere in my area or able to order and have it arrive before...
  5. AZ Jeep Peeps…

    If anyone may be interested…a local shop is looking for a JL for testing purposes.
  6. Happy Thanksgiving—Moab style!

    Made it to Moab for a few days of wheeling over Thanksgiving!! So excited to wheel some more on my new setup! were camping out so let’s see how warm I can stay. Can’t beat the view though!!
  7. New type headlights?

    Am I missing something here—apparently my headlights have wipers??? Looks like either mine are invisible or missing… At least according to the settings in the Jeep. Lol. :facepalm:
  8. Easter Jeep Safari 2021–cancelled?? The drama unfolds

    So the rumor I’ve been hearing is that EJS 2021 is cancelled. They met last night with the board and weren’t able to get permits. The city denied them due to covid and not allowing gatherings over 200. Checked the Red Rocks 4wheelers page and nothing is announced there yet. Anyone else heard...
  9. One year

    It’s that time of year! Happy birthday to Rumrunner! Pulling into one year with 37,193 miles. Two issues that required service: A new master cylinder and a new sway bar installed. Back and forth from Texas 5 times. From Idaho to exploring all over the southwest! Cheers to many more adventures! I...
  10. Anyone going to JJ Ouray??

    Some friends and I just got booked for the JJ Ouray as I heard that’s a fun one to do with a group! Anyone with recommendations on where to stay?
  11. 27k & onto sway bar #2

    Rum runner is lamenting being at the dr (aka the service dept) due to two issues. 1) clutch issue (which they can’t figure out) & 2) sway bar issue. Seems I need a whole new sway bar....at 27k miles. Seems there’s only one available new sway bar in the entire us (per the service dept) so...
  12. Manual clutch lifeless

    Searched for anyone having experienced this and haven’t seen anything yet. But tonight pulled into Starbucks. When I went to pull out of drive thru I noticed that I couldn’t shift out of 1st. Was stuck in 1st and couldn’t feel the clutch pedal under my foot. The Jeep was moving even without me...
  13. Help! How to remove this!

    From my last road trip was washing the Jeep and noticed these very small white dots all over the rear driver side around the panel and on the tail lights. Tried to scrub and remove but didn’t really come off. No clue what it is. Any ideas of what to use to remove that wouldn’t damage paint? Yes...
  14. Houston 4-1-1

    So new job that’s taking me to Houston for the next 5 months (end Dec to end April). Anyone from the area that may have an idea of where to look for short term housing? Or can recommend someone to reach out to? Job is located downtown area. Thanks for any input :))
  15. Hurrican Dorian vs "Jeep"

    Guess some non-Wrangler owners were trying to upgrade to a Wrangler? Wonder if their insurance would cover this... https://www.weather.com/storms/hurricane/video/ocean-slowly-swallows-jeep-as-hurricane-dorian-approaches?pl=pl-dorian
  16. What happened to photo of the month?

    Is everyone too busy enjoying summer or something? What’s happened to the photo of the month thread for July and August? Really enjoyed those pics! :sun::jk::flag::tumbleweed:
  17. Tire through windshield

    (Let me preface this is not my Jeep but someone that is on a page I follow)... The caption explains what happened...but with the way the JL glass cracks at the slightest provocation I can’t even imagine how it would hold up if this happened to it :surprised:
  18. What bumper is this?

    Came across a pic of someone’s Jeep with this bumper that I really like. No idea which one this is —- does anyone have any idea? Thought I’d ask here before I start spending hours browsing every website imaginable. :like:Thanks
  19. 1st time Jeeper Ordering Help

    Looking to order my 1st Jeep and I need some help in determining the best configuration. I've read so many of these forums here, and how others have built theirs, and realized maybe I should ask some of you more experienced here for an opinion of what build may suit me best. While, in the end I...