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  1. Has anyone else been the victim of unprovoked road rage since having a Jeep

    I bet you could pull up close enough to his front tire to lean over and stick it in the sidewall. All while grinning back.
  2. Virginia 275/65/R18 Set of Four

    Alas, I moved away from my Jeep to buy a Ram. Yes, I know....😣 None the less, with 275 miles on the truck, it was time for a lift and new shoes! These are 275/65/R18 Goodyear Wrangler tires on 2021 Ram 1500 stock wheels. The lug pattern is 6x139.7. Asking $400 for the set of 4. No shipping...
  3. TPS Offline

    Yes, the tazer can eliminate the TPMS all together. Light and all. The difference is that I am selling it to a resale company. They have to have an operative TPMS to resell it. The GiveMeTheVIN.com guys offered $1k more than the tradein I was offered. Makes my payoff so I am good. They are not...
  4. TPS Offline

    Well I assumed that the trade in retailer would balk at the deal with the light on. I tried the reset sequence. No luck. I went by Discount Tire and they did a scan to reset it. No luck Then the guy called me and asked about getting the paperwork over. I told him the issue and he blew it off as...
  5. TPS Offline

    Yea, if I can't get it reset, I might just leave the tazer and disable TPM so it won't throw a code.
  6. TPS Offline

    Thank you for the thread. My search found nothing. My Google Fu is a fail. 😞 I will try some of these suggestions tomorrow. I need it to reset when unmarrying. Givemethevin.com is offering my payoff so I need it clear by Monday. Sad to say but a truck is more practical for me. I still have...
  7. TPS Offline

    All that does is adjust or turn off. It does not fix. Yes, I have one. I am looking, to sell so need it right.
  8. TPS Offline

    I started my jeep up today and the TPS just read blank. The pressure is 35 in each tire. It is not reading low, just blank. Anyone have this happen or know afix?
  9. Difficult Choices

    So you are saying that is the reason you don't need 4 doors?:LOL::CWL:
  10. Has anybody ever regretted buying a Wrangler?

    I have had a jeep since the 90s. I do love a 2 door wrangler. Still have my 02 TJ but it is not in the best of shape. Got a 2020 Rubicon and by far it is the most powerful and capable jeep yet. That said, yes I do kind of regret it. I have multiple vehicles. I really don't have the time for all...
  11. Which oil should I use and what oil weight?

    They are an independent manufacturer that packages for different brands.
  12. Which oil should I use and what oil weight?

    Yep. Order online. I understand it is manufactured by Warren who makes a lot of oil brand names. Buy 4 five quart jugs for $54.
  13. Which oil should I use and what oil weight?

    I use Kirkland full synthetic. $13 for 5 quarts.
  14. Which oil should I use and what oil weight?

    Some here will swear that if you use anything but Penzoil 0-20 your jeep will lock you in, and speed to the nearest cliff driving off with you in it and explode in mid air. Really. Just suggest using a 5-20 and people will start chanting like in Game Of Thrones, shame...... shame...
  15. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Yea, I used to ride the Harley till it got to 20f. Then I got older and wiser. Now I have trouble if it is a chilly morning in July. Shame.....:crying:
  16. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Yes indeed. You need an air compressor though. I bought this when I was driving alot for a job I had. I put a filter relocation kit on a little pickup I had and used this because I had frequent changes with all the miles. Comes with a variety of ends but basically a stiff plastic tube goes right...
  17. Need help removing armrest lid

    I wouldn't want to be leaning on my console with my phone under my elbow.
  18. Control Arm Help

    Yes, get extended sway bar links.
  19. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Not today but the other week I gave it its first oil change. Fiat designers must have forgotten to get the payoff from the oil change companies. They made it simple. I have an oil extractor from when I had a high milage pickup. Stuck that in and let it do its thing while I swapped the filter...