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  1. Washington Freedom Panel Storage Bag - 2018 JL

    For sale is a 2018 JLUR freedom panel storage bag. Part #68297726AB. Redmond, Washington $50
  2. Proposal: Low Center of Gravity Build - Billet Silver JLUR

    Hey before I spent a lot of money I thought I might run my build proposal by the experience of this forum to see if I was on the right track. I am proposing a “Low Center of Gravity” build for my ‘18 JLUR. Asking for input and ideas. Initially - what does LCG mean in terms of Jeeps? I...
  3. Anyone go to Go Topless Day?

    I went today. I should have posted this earlier in the week. There were about 160 Jeeps out for the event today. Weather was pretty good. I enjoyed seeing all the Jeeps. I think I only saw a couple of JL’s out today. My JL is first in line here. I saw a lot of neat things there. This hood...
  4. Places to hit on 1-90 between Seattle and Coeur d’Alene?

    I am going to drive over to Dave Smith Motors to pick up my new JLUR tomorrow from Seattle. On the way back I figured I would hit the Moses Lake Off Road Park. Any other suggestions to try along the I-90 corridor back to Seattle? Anything quick and easy, less than hour or so?
  5. Resources for Off Roading in the PNW

    New to the forum and Jeep’s. I plan to order my JLUR soon and hope to have it by summer. Are there good resources for off road trail maps and reports on forest roads? Outside Seattle - Washington area from the Oregon border up to Canada. I would like to run some this summer and then become...