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  1. Any ideas to counter/prevent Jeep tires from being slashed? (non political)

    I didn't realize you were the forum nutbag. You've got two choices, switch to decaf, or up your meds. I'll back away slowly now. No eye contact.
  2. Any ideas to counter/prevent Jeep tires from being slashed? (non political)

    Run away in fear and you'll just find it wherever you end up.
  3. Jeep Politics (Not Political) :-)

    I seem to get more waves from Gladiators than Wranglers now.
  4. Any ideas to counter/prevent Jeep tires from being slashed? (non political)

    You could tell where he was going to end up by his news "sources". Labelling the thread as "non-political" then citing the NY Post (tabloid) and Fox News as the only US news outlets.
  5. No Paddleboards or Kayaks on Hardtop rack? What the?

    I put three kayaks on the roof with Yakima rain gutter mounts and crossbars. 3 kayaks on roof
  6. Poll: Bubbles in Paint??

    I've had mine almost 4 years. I don't know when it showed up or at how many locations. I really haven't bothered to check. I've driven it through a car wash three or four times, and park it outside. That's about how much attention it receives. I just drive it.
  7. Instead of ducking

    They're almost incels. Harmless.
  8. Who Rotates 5 Tires?

    Stuck doing 4 because my shitty local dealer never mentioned it and I assumed they were doing 5 as part of the Jeep Wave. By the time I started going to my local service guy I had too many miles to include the spare.
  9. Isnt the duck thing only for Jeeps?

    I just throw them away now.
  10. Brake controller install for men

    After reading numerous posts on brake controller installations that end with "just zip tie up the wiring underneath and you're done" I've come to the conclusion that the posts were made by women, small guys with womany hands, or guys that let their female significant others post for them. I...
  11. Pulled over.

    No sympathy for people knowingly breaking the law and getting caught. Just comply.
  12. Florida 3D printed switch panel

    So glad I found this. Just ordered the left side panel to install a redarc brake control knob.
  13. General thoughts on ICE depreciation?

    Most Americans, especially the ones on this forum, lack this perspective.
  14. American Adventure Lab Cargo shelf with OEM soft top?

    Did you try this? I haven't found much on it. I tried contacting them through their website about getting the mounting brackets modified for a soft top prior to shipping but never got a response. I finally called yesterday and after being put on hold a couple of times for people to discuss...
  15. Redarc Tow-Pro Elite Installation Updates

    Is there any difference between the early model JLUs (2018) and more current ones in terms of what works for the Redarc Tow Pro Elite installation? Seems like there a certain harness was needed, and even that needed wires switched.. Dash lights going crazy, etc. I'd like to think the TPH-022...
  16. Merry Christmas! How blessed are we?

    Happy Holidays! Keep'em rolling.
  17. Cab Cover

    Anyone find a cover they're happy with that fits over a folded soft top?