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  1. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    "Why won't it start?" "Engine's flooded." The 9:30 show is the same as the 7:30 show...try the veal!
  2. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Went up to the A1A Causeway to watch the first 3-D printed rocket launch. Unfortunately, the launch was scrubbed (rescheduled for Saturday), there's a SpaceX launch today so we're going back.
  3. Dead Jeep. No Power

    Is this really a thing? I keep my Jeep in the garage and the Fob is in it's holder the entire time and I've never had an issue.
  4. Great News! Jeep is Not the Worst Auto Maker in 2023!

    It's the same reason high end restaurants desire to get awards from a tire company.
  5. NOW I can support JL Pricing

    All of us sitting in our jeeps looking at the shift knob:
  6. My defroster cracked my windshield

    I can practically guarantee this is what happened.
  7. Eagle's Nest

    Omelet time! :giggle:
  8. Does the JL shift knob come off?

    Everything is removable...it's just a matter of how much force is applied. Similarly, anything can fly, it's just a matter of thrust.
  9. Wrangler - engine revs etc when I step on brake

    I was going to ask how fat are the OP's feet, but thought that might be a bit rude.
  10. DELETE

    It's all ball bearings these days.
  11. Unknown Part

    The mental image I have is the OP finding the part, wondering what it is, gently bumping his Jeep and the entire thing falling apart.