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  1. Get off my Jeep!

    Yep, comprehensive covered everything, we just paid the deductible. I attempted to splice the wires together, but they got a couple of spots at the connectors. I waited a few days for some molex pins from Amazon to arrive, and the squirrels chewed through my spliced wires again. I called the...
  2. Get off my Jeep!

    Whoa!! Takes care of the rodent problem though.
  3. 4XE Transmission overheat warning while on trails

    What position did you have your transfer case? I remember seeing overheating issues when someone was in 4Hi-Auto, or maybe even 4H. I'll see if I can find that thread here...
  4. Jumping battery if alone?

    I jumped my 2019 3.6 twice with a portable jump starter, no aux disconnection required. Both batteries tested bad and were replaced quickly, but I'm not sure if I can guarantee a jump pack will work every time in all situations. It worked on mine when I needed it... Audew branded 1500A pack.
  5. Get off my Jeep!

    Just had a $5100 insurance claim on one of our vehicles due to squirrels chewing up the engine harness. We saw the same thing as you, squirrels climbing up through the wheel wells. Be careful letting those jerks climb around too much.
  6. Horn honks 3 times when getting out of vehicle

    Tazer works, but so does this method. I post it every time I see one of these threads... Before you shut the door, place your fob on the upper rear door hinge. With the fob in place, shut the front door. No honks, now lock your doors with the fob.
  7. Basic garage floor hardtop storage options

    First time I've seen that, pretty awesome. Any plans available, or are you just going to figure it out? Either way, I'd be very interested.
  8. Looking for Side Steps

    I did not get the additional steps. The steps built into the sliders are nice to have for me, basically step up to then duck down to get in. It's something you get used to. But they are also very valuable to have if you have little kids. My wife kept bugging me for steps, so I just waited for a...
  9. Looking for Side Steps

  10. Looking for Side Steps

    I went with LoD Armor Lite, but I did consider the More Hide-a-Step. I believe Ace and the MORE steps are the only option for keeping the factory rock rails. https://www.northridge4x4.com/part/steps-foot-pegs/jlst18b-jeep-jl-hide-a-step-black-powdercoat
  11. New update for 8.4 Uconnect radio

    Ah, now I remember seeing that earlier. There's the option of downloading maps, but that requires some forethought, and has already been suggested. Google let's you download a pretty large area, and I have used it many times. But carry on with the OEM nav complaints. It deserves to be dragged.
  12. Third brake light got smacked off, by a barrier gate arm...

    I removed my brake light after installing a behind the wheel light. The top plastic portion of light is attached with 4 screws, very easy to remove. And I would assume you just need to buy that part instead of the entire tire carrier. I'd even send you mine if you pay for shipping. I imagine...
  13. New update for 8.4 Uconnect radio

    It's probably been covered earlier in this thread, but what's wrong with just using Carplay or Android Auto? Those maps are normally more up to date than any other service, and Google maps does a pretty good job at routing around bad traffic.
  14. Show me your favorite [Inexpensive] 4xe mods...

    What exactly did you change? Looks like you have the High Altitude and I'm not familiar with the insides, other than the spectacular gray seat option. Are your seats factory, or is that what you updated? The seats look great either way. Is the stitching in yours orange? My stitching is blue in...
  15. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    LOL, I'm not sure I've ever seen a better reply anywhere on the internet.
  16. Thank you Jeep (no, really)

    Got one after my 2019 purchase. It seemed like the package came from corporate, but maybe it was sent or just initiated by the dealer. Nothing for my 22, but color is the same, so the pen is still usable. My wife received a leather Jeep keychain after we bought her 2020. I was a little...
  17. Phone book contacts question

    I've given up on saving favorites. I have assumed that the disappearing was related to having the phone plugged in... looks like you figured it out, and it is similar to what I have experienced.
  18. Basic garage floor hardtop storage options

    Another option is scaffolding. Depending on your garage setup, could be more useful. When the top is on the platform, I can store stuff under the top on the shelf and under the platform, and I even throw light stuff on the top. The footprint is larger than the vertical cart, but it gives you...

    No worries, easy to make a mistake when you're that excited about picking up your new Jeep. Just wanted to give Mike his due. He has given many of us here a great deal.