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  1. Winch cover, leave-on or remove ?

    Like I said, I'm not a winch nerd. When I see warn, I see chinese trash, but more expensive than the chinese trash winch I have.
  2. Winch cover, leave-on or remove ?

    To be fair, I'm not a winch nerd, but when I see someone with a Warn winch, my thought is "they spent a hell of a lot more money for their chinese winch than I paid for my chinese winch" 😆
  3. Winch cover, leave-on or remove ?

    Do you want it to work when you need it? Cover it. Do you just drive around the city and pose? Don't cover it.
  4. Forum Thread Cancelled - Moderators, Please Delete

    The only need to modify it is when you run into its stock limits when off-roading. Sound like thats not been a problem for you, and that's fine. Don't feel pressured to do anything to it.
  5. Chat GPT weighs in - "Can a dana m186 axle handle 35" tires?"

    chat gpt can tell you which gears to use, the benefits of regearing, and exactly how to regear your jeep but is absolutely stunned when you ask the very simple question, "What is a woman?"
  6. Is there a replace brand for fox shocks on the 2" mopar lift.

    https://s3.amazonaws.com/rp-part-images/assets/97d631a967270c28e761ee8a5a65c56b.PDF In the install instructions, it has the part number for your application. Google that number and you will find the replacement part from Mopar
  7. Have dealer perform transmission service?

    That's exactly what it says. I guess I missed shift it through the gears. Otherwise, it's not rocket science.
  8. Have dealer perform transmission service?

    There's nothing complicated about that. 1) Fill. 2) Start car (jeep), check level. 3) Add as necessary. Literally no different than any other A/T trans fill.
  9. The Power Wagon 2500 HD axle swap thread.

    Post lots of pics while/when you build it. I love these kinds of threads.
  10. Rubicon Axle swap in worth it?

    The price difference is SUBSTANTIAL between new d44s and 1 tons. Another thing to consider is wheeling style. Is the OP going to be full throttle rock bouncing? Probably shoulda got tons. Literally any trail in Moab? d44 (m210/m220) and 37's is good enough.
  11. Metal Center Cowl ???

    A new one is 26.00 I hope one day someone makes a good looking metal one, but for now 26.00 every 5 years is better than having one that hazed over...
  12. Texas 2022 Rubicon Fenders - Full Set $100

    Man, one of you Sport people need to buy these for 100.00, thats a great deal.
  13. Let's be honest here...

    A garage full of tools says a lot about a man. A garage with no tools says a lot about a man.
  14. Stock Sport Altitude to "Fake" Rubicon

    The front is the crap m186 which would need to be upgraded.
  15. Stock Sport Altitude to "Fake" Rubicon

    A Sport with the m220 housing has a spline count and tube thickness that is identical to a rubicon. It's 1.5 inches narrower. Nobody will miss 1.5 inches. Not on the trail at least.
  16. XR experts: What is the primary purpose of the extended bump stops in the front?

    Found the problem. The truss is contacting the frame. Thats the loud "bang" I feel every time I hit a speed bump.
  17. Stock Sport Altitude to "Fake" Rubicon

    Parts under warranty is overrated. All that means is you will be afraid to upgrade/work on your Jeep because the weasel dealership might deny any more work.
  18. Upgraded Mopar axle available for 2020 Wrangler Unlimited Willys ?

    The tube is broken? I've got a m186 housing you can have for free if you can get it from Dallas to TN. Slap all your old guts in it and be back up in no time.
  19. Upgraded Mopar axle available for 2020 Wrangler Unlimited Willys ?

    What is broken on your current axle? Is it bent?
  20. I narrowed my options to a JLUR in Granite Grey or High Velocity Yellow, help me decide

    Grey, white, and black cars/jeeps/trucks are for boring people. It's a Jeep. Pick a real color. I voted orange.