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  1. Can I sit on crossbar?

    I’m 6.3ft and 230lbs and no problem…
  2. Does Anybody Ever Go DOWN in Tire Diameter?

    Is this one of those “gotcha”, “that’s what she said question “…….?:CWL:
  3. Advice on the need for the MOPAR Oversized Spare Tire Carrier Kit

    I like OEM for the big 37’ and it looks like it belongs..
  4. Jeep Wave Pressure

    my jeep is lifted+37's and has the beefy LOD Signature Series rock sliders. Cars parked next to me are the ones that need to be careful opening their doors into all of that tubular steel + tire tread;)
  5. Looking for differential covers

    How has the red paint held up? Looking to do the same.
  6. JL Best Bumpers or Worst Bumpers?

    I prefer the look and quality of OEM parts so the Mopar steel bumper gets my vote.
  7. 🔦 SS3 LED Fogs - Diode Dynamics - 🪛 Wow!

    And these are street legal, correct? I don’t want to lose my fog lights to only off-roading.
  8. 🔦 SS3 LED Fogs - Diode Dynamics - 🪛 Wow!

    I have the OEM Steel bumper and i’m wondering if they would fit as snug as on the OEM plastics.
  9. 🔦 SS3 LED Fogs - Diode Dynamics - 🪛 Wow!

    Are these street legal? I have the Baja Design pros and they are too bright to have on at night unless i’m out in the wilderness…. also do these fit well in the OEM bracket/housing or is there a gap. Another con with the Baja’s is that they do not cover the gap completely.
  10. Factory Steel Bumper A Worthwhile Upgrade Over Plastic?

    The steel Mopar bumper is definitely an upgrade to the cheap plastic. I've done overlanding trips with my current set up and I've never had any problems (although I'm running 37' so there is plenty of clearance for reasonable obstacles). I'm not into rock crawling or looking for them on...
  11. Your Top 5 Jeep related YouTube channels

    W a y a l i f e gets my vote
  12. New RIVAL Stamped Steel Modular Bumper

    that may be a deal breaker for those that have parking sensors.
  13. Jeep Dealer Parts Dept - No Mopar 2" Lift on Rubicon

    your best option is to buy the Mopar lift kit on-line (a lot cheaper than buying from the local Jeep dealer) and then taking it to a reputable mechanic to install (or install it yourself).
  14. 20’s or 22’s which to choose and why?

    17' rims is the way to go if you own a jeep...
  15. 3.6 with manual, 4.88 or 5.13?

    I have a MT JLUR and I'm currently running 37' on stock gear with no issues other than losing my 6th gear. When i do re-gear, I'm going with 5:13.
  16. with all the "angry grill" hate:

    That’s a very costly mistake - good lord..
  17. Opinion - BEST MUD FLAPS?

    i don't that the part numbers handy but if you read the thread, it's reference in there.