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  1. Sexiest Jeep Alive... Round 3 voting... #21-#30

    @Tredsdert would've had it in the bag if it was set in some sort of post apocalyptic background. I see some of the challengers are threatened by it though!
  2. Forum Thread Cancelled - Moderators, Please Delete

    Oh I can give you some quick ways of attracting their gaze lol, just begin talking about their special boy!
  3. Forum Thread Cancelled - Moderators, Please Delete

    I knew I shouldn’t have gotten another job, I miss all the fun posts while I’m working.😞
  4. New Member, Saying Thanks, Introducing my Farout, & Couple Questions

    Welcome to the diesel crew, we’re lively here. I also recommend fuel treatment and that is normal gauge behavior unfortunately. I’m jealous of your DEF skid and will also be picking one of those up! If you want more responsiveness look into a Banks pedal monster or GDE tune, maybe avoid GDE if...
  5. What the duck?

    Agreed, too many idiots wasting money on stupid plastic ducks. An obvious low spot in consumerism.
  6. JL Wrangler Forums Sexiest Jeep Alive... Round 1... #1-#10

    I like that you took the time to wipe off the name for the picture! :rock::)
  7. No ducks given

    I dislike the ducks, then I got one and the kids thought it was awesome, they then talked the wifey into buying a box to hand out. So I have to pretend to like them now. :facepalm:
  8. Got my Patriot X3 Camper!!

    I've been admiring his work for a few years now. We got to check some of the models out at a dealer in Oklahoma and they look great. We're pretty set on ordering the X3 as well. It's funny to see some American companies are scrambling to copy his work.
  9. Jeep dealer experience 3rd from bottom in 2023

    Replacing the service and parts counter folks with a robot would go a long way to improving the experience. At least then you might actually talk to someone about what you're there for within the hour of arriving.
  10. Great News! Jeep is Not the Worst Auto Maker in 2023!

    I was going to say the same thing. Any time BMW ranks higher than middle of the pack you know some money has changed hands somewhere.
  11. Is Sirius XM Service Renewal for Real?

    Agreed, Apple music in lossless quality beats it any day.
  12. Idiot question on fox shocks.

    They identify as tired.
  13. JL Spare Tire License Plate Mount

    I use the TeraFlex license plate bracket with the hinge reinforcement. I did have to extend the license plate light wires to make it less annoying to remove (for me).
  14. CA Smog Inspection due already?!?!

    There are some in that state that are going to do whatever they can to get rid of ICE, gas and diesel alike. Adding more fees and tests, anything to increase the burden on cost of ownership to the point no one wants one. Best of luck! :fingerscrossed:
  15. Terra Acoustics vs Traditional Upgrade

    They‘re new soundbar speaker replacements, the kit I got has the Kicker speakers and tweeters. https://www.quadratec.com/p/select-increments/jljt-pods-wrangler-jl-gladiator-jt/premium-kicker-31-jljt-akc https://www.extremeterrain.com/select-increments-jeep-wrangler-jljt-pods-j156937-jl.html
  16. Third brake light got smacked off, by a barrier gate arm...

    There should be a PIR sensor in the safety system but maybe it was malfunctioning or maybe they got rid of it for false positives and it kept the gate up too long. Who knows. I won‘t try to make excuses for someone parked underneath an arm knowing they should drive through and get clear.
  17. Third brake light got smacked off, by a barrier gate arm...

    The gate timing is usually set for a full size vehicle to drive through, not park under while deciding where to go.
  18. DPF Regen

    It kind of works that way, prolonged use at hwy speeds will keep EGTs higher and burn off more soot causing less regen cycles because the DPF isn’t measuring as high a %.
  19. DPF Regen

    Is this the one you bought? https://www.amazon.com/FOXWELL-Diagnostic-Chrysler-Maintenance-Functions/dp/B07XK1P8ZT
  20. DPF Regen

    Good thing these modules monitor several variables at once!!