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  1. GenRight B-Pillar Chop

    I've got the half doors on the Jeep and getting ready to mark and cut the B-Pillar. The kit comes with an upper and lower plate that will need welded on along with a rubber sheet to place between the B-pillar pieces once they're apart. The Chop will allow the removal and re-installation of...
  2. GenRight Front Bumper w/Winch Plate Install

    The bumper I ordered is P/N - FBB-10255. I’m using a Zeon 12-S winch from a PowerWagon. I’ll cover the conversion to a regular use winch later in this thread. Here’s a few pics to get started.
  3. ASD - Push Button Start - Climate Control GND - PSA

    Good afternoon, I went to start Pain Train this morning and the push button start switch wouldn't even light up saying "off". A closer inspection found that the HVAC controls, the radio functions, and the dash wouldn't work. The only way I could get the dash to come on was by turning on the...
  4. GenRight Roll Cage Install

    I’ll update this more as the day goes on and the project moves forward. Just a quick video to start things off.
  5. North Carolina Free - LSD

    Free LSD. Removed only to be replaced by a locker. Good back up carrier. Mileage - ~3500 or so. Can’t remember how many when it came out exactly.
  6. North Carolina WTT - Full gear job (parts/labor) + $2.5k for half doors w/PU’s.

    As the title says. I’ll do a full regear, parts and labor, and I’ll throw in $2.5k cash for your 4 door half doors with premium uppers.
  7. North Carolina Last Call - FREE 4.10 Gearsets

    Hey guys. I've got several 4.10 gearsets here for pay it FWD. Please come get them. If no one wants them, they're going in the trash Monday morning. Thank you.
  8. Lasfit Locker Switch Panel - ARB Air Lockers

    Good morning, I’ll be installing my Lasfit kit today. If you have any questions while I’m doing this, right now would be a great time to ask so I can answer questions live. I’ll come back and clean this OP up once I’m done with the install. Overview - LasFit left side switch panel. Factory...
  9. North Carolina 4 Dr. Rubi Rails - 2 sets - FREE

    I have one used set and one new take-off set. They're FREE. Please come take them away. Thank you.
  10. Northridge D60's 50% off. (Bracketless)

    Perfect for those who can weld or have a welder in mind. The brackets are very affordable and putting them on is a breeze...
  11. Rubicon Sensor PSA - Reminder to pot your sensors.

    Potting procedure: https://www.jlwranglerforums.com/forum/threads/locker-position-sensor-potting-dana-44.59581/#post-1279117
  12. North Carolina Pain Train is for sale. HUGE Opportunity for someone. XD60/80, 40’s, Blower.

    2019 JLUR 3.6L, Auto, XD60/80, Coilover Longarm, RIPP Blower, PSC, Racelines, STT Pros, Dual Battery, RPM Steering, Steersmarts Trackbars, Artec Skids, Olivers Drivershafts. 42,400 Miles Pain Train is an insurance buy-back where it was hit in the wheel and then tipped over. The rear trackbar...
  13. North Carolina WTT - Complete Gear Job + $1k Cash for Half Doors (4dr., Premium Uppers)

    Looking for someone willing to trade a complete Gear Job + $1,000 in cash for a set of JL Half doors with Premium Uppers. Color doesn't matter. Gear Job would include all parts, fluid, labor, 500 mile fluid, and 500 mile inspection. Cash, Paypal, Apple Cash... whatever works for you.
  14. Pain Train - RIPP first start-up.

    I'll put a build thread together one of these days.
  15. Alien Machine Worx - Breather Manifold

    Check these guys out. Very simple manifold to move all of the breathers to the firewall. Mine came in today for Pain Train. https://www.alienmachineworx.com/product/breather-manifold/
  16. North Carolina Sold: Half Doors w/Premium Uppers - Bright White - $3750

    Just like the title says: Bright White Half Doors w/Premium Uppers I only used them for collecting measurements for a roll cage. Still in perfect condition. No boxes any longer. $3750 non-negotiable. Pick up in Kernersville, NC. PM me if interested. Thank you.
  17. North Carolina Rubi Transfer Case - $1600

    Rubicon Transfer Case -Auto Trans, not Full-Time Still installed in the Jeep. Will remove once I have a buyer. Available immediately. $1600 non-negotiable. Approx. 39k miles on 2019 Jeep. I can swap transfer cases out for someone, as well. $240 for labor
  18. North Carolina Goodyear Duratrac - 5 tires - 285/70r17 - New (680 miles)

    Tires for sale. 285/70r17 Goodyear Duratrac. 680 miles on them. $1000 for 5. Retail is about $300-330 each.