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  1. Is there a replace brand for fox shocks on the 2" mopar lift.

    have you tried contacting Fox yet? there's a service schedule for their shocks, and at 5 years old you're probably due. upside is the Mopar lift comes with the 2.5 shocks, so they are serviceable. Fox (and others) offer a service at (IMHO) a fair cost, and you can even have them revalved...
  2. New Member, Saying Thanks, Introducing my Farout, & Couple Questions

    welcome, and congrats! i share your admiration for how well the 8HP75 works with the EcoDiesel. it might even get a little better as the transmission 'learns' your driving habits. 1- yes, the fuel gauge is a little funky at the top, but i don't remember noticing that big of a delay on mine...
  3. Ground tent vs sleeping in jeep

    the question presumes that one can fit inside the J**p. neither i nor my dog are short; it's a tent for us. (she stays staked out to where she can reach most of our camp, but sleeps in the vestibule. we have no problems with critters in camp.) i have holed up in the back of the J**ps in the...
  4. You can’t drive my Jeep.

    my wife is spectacular at a huge number of things. driving doesn't happen to be one of them. frankly, her driving scares me so much i do all the driving when we're together, but her track record is a far sight better than the OPs wife. (to think that we share the roads with people like that is...
  5. AEV 3.0 Snorkel Causing P04DB CEL

    that’s what we understood. was just trying to clarify “saving forward”.
  6. AEV 3.0 Snorkel Causing P04DB CEL

    snorkel head faces forward again? that’s the way it always seemed like it should be to me.
  7. AEV 3.0 Snorkel Causing P04DB CEL

    so just to be clear, is the filter the only thing you changed? curious to hear if anyone has done that TSB that AEV refers to on their website..?
  8. Insist on synthetic oil?

    agreed, we don't know each other well, but i am aware of your professed penchant for Deconstruction. that said, i don't see the point in trying to save a few bucks by risking anything related to the powertrain and the vehicles ability to get itself around, since after all that is its primary...
  9. The "Real" Owner's Manual?

    yeah, thanks; but i’m not trying to emulate a Mac. (and i’m familiar with Virtual Machines.) probably a dream, but i was hoping for a basic PDF that’s OS-agnostic.
  10. The "Real" Owner's Manual?

    i’d love to have a Factory Service Manual, but even if these weren’t listed as “Out of Stock”, it says they’re for Windows only. (at the risk of starting a ‘Ginger vs. Mary Ann’ sort of debate,) has anyone gotten these to work with an Operating System other than Windows?
  11. Insist on synthetic oil?

    now at least you're talking about an oil that meets the specs. (there are other reasons i would not use Pennzoil, but that's a different topic.) notice it's not as cheap? point being; we gotta' pay attention to this stuff. VM Motori is pretty picky about what they want us to run through these...
  12. 37s on ecodiesel without lift -- Will I bottom out very easily on any trail?

    not sure about "any" trail, but quite probably, yes. 37s rub in a few spots on my diesel, even with the Mopar lift. you might be in for some surprises when you try to fit that spare in the stock loctaion, too, and the gearing is going to be sub-optimal. p.s. you might want to update your sig...
  13. Considering a Dometic Portable Refrigerator -- second battery / charging setup?

    curious; where did you have your fridge plugged in? because the first time we spent a week in Moab at ~100º our fridge wouldn't always start up because of the low voltage at the Aux Plug in the left rear of the cargo area, even though we were driving every day.
  14. Insist on synthetic oil?

    except that oil doesn’t meet the specs. go through Mobil 1s ‘oil finder’, and even they don’t have a single motor oil they recommend for our diesels.
  15. Insist on synthetic oil?

    when you’re talking about your diesel that needs 9qts of synthetic that meets MS-12991 and a filter that isn’t cheap, $200 for an oil change isn’t one of their bigger crimes.
  16. Insist on synthetic oil?

    i would absolutely make sure synthetic was used in a turbocharged engine.
  17. Diesel Rubicon Sucks in Snow

    sounds like this might be a situation where a grille cover would help.
  18. Start stop battery charging message

    not correct. gotta' play the game with disconnecting things first; that's the point.