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  1. New Recon Package Fender Decal Shows on Configurator

    Weird, the side vent graphic was originally solid flat black, then nothing, now 'flag version. Someone upstairs must've said the Jeep graphics weren't 'MURICA! enough!
  2. JL Rubicon Recon Now Online

    Curious... currently on Jeep.com the Recon 4 door is $4k more than Rubi equivalent. Basically the cost of the 4 banger, 8sp., and steel bumper. Aside from decals, black grill, and different wheels I’m finding the value very hard to see.
  3. Dropped key in black hole!!!!

    Was just going to ask for pictures. The FOB is huge and cant imagine a crevice (black hole) sucking in the FOB. I am sure by now OP got it out but still curious to see. :movember:
  4. Reports/rumors: Serious accident at 2019 Easter Jeep Safari

    Just reminds me of all the people standing so close to vehicles wheeling! Kind of like all those spectators at those offload rally car trails eating dirt as the cars go by. I will be the guy watching from behind a tree! Anyways best wishes to those that got seriously injured! :please:
  5. Aftermarket wheels and trails?

    Hey OP, for light to moderate offloading nearly any wheel is acceptable. Just realize the possibility that you may scuff and/or damage your wheels. As for steel wheels, yes they are more forgiving if seriously damaged than your average aluminum forged wheels and can take more punishment but...

    Sweet... and the front/rear fenders are same height! Tho would be more awesome if small LED strip could be incorporated in front fender.
  7. Issue Bulletin: Shimmy Felt in Front End - Jan 31 2019 Star case # S1819000004

    Do people realize this affects a very small percentage of JLs?!? If this affected ALL JLs then there would be a serious issue. Just be glad Jeep finally acknowledges the issue for those inflicted.
  8. KBB: Jeep Wrangler is the most affordable off-roader to own (5-Year Cost to Own Awards)

    Unless some douche steals your tail lights...lol :facepalm: Sales of tail light guards will be going up!
  9. FCA Projects 2019 JL Sales Down from 2018

    I can expect the 2019 numbers to go down, especially after the price increases to many of the options.
  10. 2019 Jeep Wrangler 4-Door JLU ORDER GUIDE and PRICING (U.S.)

    Bummer the FWP is not shown for Feb with all the price increases. I didn't go through the entire thread, anyone have that info?
  11. TFL New Reporting on 2019 JL Steering Issues (with poll)

    TY, def look into this since! Also I think you meant to add tie rod not trackbar twice.
  12. 2.0 turbo vs Pentastar V6

    It will be much easier to add HP/Torque to the 2.0 than the 3.6. A simple tune on the 2.0 can yield good results. The 3.6 would need much more work to achieve the same performance. Then there is reliability, the 3.6 is a known work horse compared to the new 2.0. The main caveat to the 3.6 is the...
  13. Turbo on every rubicon on dealer lot

    Yes, I believe dealers make more selling 2.0s as well as Jeep is pushing to sell 2.0s.
  14. 2.0 Turbo owners what octane are you using?

    Appears to be spell check error...lol. Tons of 2.0s for sale in NorCal so I am curious what people are seeing out there with the new engine.

    New JL tail lights may be the latest thieving trend. Easy to steal and pricey part. I suppose changing the bolts to something not so commonly used will help.
  16. Jeep owner uses JL to assist police pursuit, draws gun and fires

    Late to the party and prolly mentioned but 1) Obviously the Jeep guy drives around with a loaded gun. 2) Jeep guy couldn't wait to use pistol and took the ooportunity to finally be able to shoot at someone. 3) If the Jeep driver was black he would be covered in holes after doing what this guy...
  17. Was interested in jlur BUT now not sure, too problematic?

    Kinda blows my mind when Jeep states they tested the Wrangler for millions of miles yet issues still pop up or somehow something came up that didn't appear in testing. How can this be? From what I have heard so far I believe the majority of Wrangler issues are not engineering but issues related...
  18. Does anyone actually fold the windscreen down? I don't get it...

    Sweet MOAB! But what is that in your garage?!? Rolls Royce golf cart? lol
  19. JL ** SUNRIDER FOR HARDTOP ** BESTOP (Video and Photos)

    That is my only problem with this product (aside from price...lol) is how it sticks up. Would be nice if it folded more flat because with it up it will cause more wind resistance which typically = noise.