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  1. Are the steering issues resolved in the 2023 models?

    Most so called steering issues are tire related. Put highway tires on it, youll be amazed at how well it handles and how comfy it is. I put maxxis ats on my rubicon and it is ultra smooth and stable now, whereas it was a mess before.
  2. 2023 Willys 4xe Wrangler Announced! Build & Price is Up at Jeep.com! [Updated w/ Video]

    Not sure why you wouldnt just get a sahara for like 2k more.
  3. I drove a 392. Shouldn't have done that.

    Kent will only do 2k off on a 392. Just submit an inquiry here to get 8k off. The Jeep will go to Washington DC, and then you can just fly in and drive it back or pay 2k to ship. No obligation to lease or use their financing at all. https://www.leasecompanion.com/inquire
  4. "Subaru < Bronco < Jeep"

    I'm not asking about someone you didn't know, I'm saying would it affect your decision to marry a person if they were an active sex worker? And you can say not at all in the slightest? So if your wife was getting railed by 10 dudes a day thats cool? Get real.
  5. "Subaru < Bronco < Jeep"

    ...and? literally has nothing to do with the concepts being discussed.
  6. "Subaru < Bronco < Jeep"

    I would bet you $100 that more people would agree with what I am saying than you. Again that statement is: If a person has a career and is making sufficient income with it, they would not turn to porn as they wouldn't need to. They would also agree that sex work is not equivalent in dignity or...
  7. "Subaru < Bronco < Jeep"

    This has absolutely zero to do with Women or women equality. I've already said that I think of a man doing this in exactly the same way. Any person, regardless of sex, that has a real job and real skills do not have to sell access to their body. Should those people be grateful? Yes, they should...
  8. "Subaru < Bronco < Jeep"

    Yeah, can't agree there. It's literally the least intelligent thing you can do. Show your body and hope it generates a reaction in someone else and they will pay you for it. No smarts needed, no skill, no intelligence. It's the bottom of the barrel skill wise.
  9. "Subaru < Bronco < Jeep"

    My point by low skill is that if they were earning income with a real career, they wouldn't be on OF, in general. Some people do it for fun I'm sure.
  10. "Subaru < Bronco < Jeep"

    Disagree that men would be celebrated. Porn is porn. Do you respect male porn stars? An executive at Apple probably wouldn't be moonlighting on OnlyFans, agree? Because he wouldn't have to sacrifice his dignity and rep for a few extra bucks. So again, only low skilled people with nothing to...
  11. "Subaru < Bronco < Jeep"

    For me, I've always thought that it's only when a woman has absolutely zero real skills/things to offer the world that they resort to selling their body. In todays age, with tik tok and all, it seems like people are desensitized to it and it's all about whatever makes a buck. I guess I miss the...
  12. "Subaru < Bronco < Jeep"

    Funny, I'm seeing more wailing and gnashing of teeth on here than the bronco forum, and the vid was pro Jeep. Strange times.
  13. Kent’s Jeep Squad - Peterson Jeep Nampa Idaho Order Tracking

    How do i get ahold of Kent? What are his deals?
  14. XR observations

    Why did you switch from the 4XE? It should have had much more power no?
  15. 20th Anniversary Rubicon

    Also interested..we need some leaks!
  16. Utah 2018 JL Unlimited Rubicon, loaded, lifted, nicely modded, 37s, $38k

    Looking to potentially sell my Jeep. It is a 2018 JLU Rubicon. 95k miles, all highway, as I have been driving it all over the country during covid, working remotely. Jeep is in perfect working condition, everything works with no issues. Here are the key points: -3.6L Auto -Leather -LED Package...