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  1. New Tech Keeps Me Laughing

    Waze is going on 17 years old now… been around a while.
  2. Is anyone having trouble with their radio?

    When was this released? As far as I’m aware you get updates through the Uconnect site or over the air. I have a MY ‘18 Sport S, just plugged in my VIN and was shown “there is no update available” Not that it matters, I got rid of the 5” long ago.
  3. Is anyone having trouble with their radio?

    There is no firmware update for the 5” radio. The clock problem is a known issue and was never resolved prior to them discontinuing the 5” in JLs. @Andie13 your best bet is to find a 7” or 8.4” in the member marketplace and ditch the 5” junk. Either of those will require the add-on sat/gps...
  4. Mod incompatibilities?

    Your post reads like you haven't done any research at all and want answers that none of us can give. Bumpers, fender flares and headlights are a good place to start, but there are too many variables across manufacturers to say "Get this and not this." You also might want to take into...
  5. Metal/Steel Fender Flare Regrets????

    How much lift are you running, Wax? I keep looking at the KBD’s… can’t make up my mind.
  6. Stupid Deer

    I count anywhere from 15-20 on my 2.5 mile drive home from work every night.
  7. KC HiLites - Pictures / Videos Post Here!

    Said no Jeep owner, ever. 😂
  8. ESS, Aux Battery Help Needed……. Thank you…..

    He’s still well within warranty. Make the dealership do their job. Troubleshoot, diagnose and repair the problem. No need to purchase a $600 set up, plus two batteries, that is most likely overkill for most owners.
  9. ESS, Aux Battery Help Needed……. Thank you…..

    The correct answer is absolutely not go out and buy an aftermarket dual battery set-up. Dual battery set-ups have an intended use and are not for everyone. Why has that become the default response every time someone posts about a battery issue?
  10. Upgrading from the 5" UConnect3 to 7" UConnect4?

    I did exactly that. The new one did nothing at all until I used the Tazer. When I unmarry/reset to stock for a dealer visit recently, the center stack was again useless. You may be right. Please post your results when you try it. You’ll be helping someone out that visits the thread later.
  11. Upgrading from the 5" UConnect3 to 7" UConnect4?

    1. Check with Benny ( @AllMoparParts.com ) for part numbers. If it exists, he’ll find it. 2. Yes. If I’m mistaken someone will correct me. BUT when I swapped my center stack for a new one I had to enable it with my Tazer.
  12. Back up lights cause dead batteries and clock issues

    Seems like the only wild card in your situation is the backup lights you’ve added. Which company’s lights are they? Are these lights made for what you’re using them for? I’m only asking to help diagnose, not question your method. Shouldn’t be a big problem tying some lights into your tail...
  13. Poll: Bubbles in Paint??

    Will do. Appreciate the info. Thanks!
  14. Thank You Vets!

    SSG US Army M1A1 Tank Commander 13 years and only blown up once. Thank you to my Brothers and Sisters in arms.
  15. Poll: Bubbles in Paint??

    Pointed out each and every spot on the Jeep that has the bubbling paint, photos were taken and supposed to be submitted. I was told the body shop is booked through January. “We’ll call you.” “If you don’t, you can bet I’ll call you.” They were aware of the situation, but not very happy to...
  16. High Tide and Beach Editions are Back for 2023!

    The XR package isn’t exclusive to the High Tide. But those decals…. Woo buddy. 🙄
  17. High Tide and Beach Editions are Back for 2023!

    A couple of decals and a Sunrider make it a limited edition worth going to court for? Nope.
  18. Poll: Bubbles in Paint??

    Sitting at the dealership now to have the paint issue addressed. Immediately met with a “prove it’s there” attitude. No problem. I’ll show you ALLLLLLL the bad spots.