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  1. Third Row Seat Installed

    It's a bit nostalgic to say "Back in my time..." and "I miss the good old days", and a bit myopic to complain about government oversight when, in my life alone, road deaths have dropped 80% per 100 million miles driven, and 75% per 100k in population. Even as the number of miles Americans have...
  2. New Jersey Jlu premium soft top

    Still available?
  3. Official: Hurricane Twin-Turbo 3.0 I-6 Coming for Jeep - HO with 510HP and 500 ft-lbs!

    The 3.0 will simply be too long when combined with the 8AT to fit in the 2 door chassis. And there is no option for a 3.6 w/o ESS.
  4. 4xe gets rage note from EV parking space vigilante 🤣

    Is not "douche" French? Perhaps the "bag" part was short for "baguette". So it's a shower stick/wand...
  5. Who's your free pass/exception?

    I have asked my wife repeatedly for a free pass with her, and I am brutally rebuffed. So I will settle for any of the following: Gal Gadot, Dua Lipa, Rihanna, anyone from the US Women's track team, Lucy Liu, Margot Robbie, Zoe Kravitz (or her mom), Julianne Hough, Emma Stone, Halle Barry, Eva...
  6. "Performance Limited" Error code

    So, this may sound nuts, but my Accord threw a code a few years ago re: the fuel system. Turned out some spiders had nested in the evap system near the gas tank/fuel filler line. It is a very common problem that costs people hundreds of dollars, but actually just requires you to open the evap...
  7. Is this Velocity Yellow??

    You can probably find a Renegade on the street in this color.
  8. Are the hard top rear bolts supposed to be tight/torqued down?

    Yup. Those bolts just need to hold the pins on. I'm sure if you took a window out you could hold the pin and tighten to your desired level by hand. The actual hard top (non-SOT) has 3 bolts on each side and 2 up front attaching it to the crossbar. All torqued down.
  9. Are the hard top rear bolts supposed to be tight/torqued down?

    So the problem here is that you bought a $75-85000 Jeep and nobody explained that the rear quarter windows on the Sky One Touch are removable. Those bolts are in fact just pins, which is why you're experiencing differing levels of tightness. They aren't bolted to anything except the plastic pins...
  10. What the #@&% is this abomination?

    This. If you're driving around in one of these because there is a real danger of encountering an IED or an RPG, O.K. But when you're taking it to the mall during the Christmas shopping season...
  11. What the #@&% is this abomination?

    Zooming into the 2nd pic confirms, as the rear wheel hub clearly shows USSV. If the penis growth supplements that Frank Thomas has been selling me on late night TV don't work out, Imma pick me up one of these.
  12. What the #@&% is this abomination?

    Yes, possibly, as they do shoot a lot of stuff here on the North Shore of LI. But it was just cruising mall traffic, so way off any set/location.
  13. What the #@&% is this abomination?

    To give a sense of scale, I was looking up from my Rubi. Those are at least 37" inch tires and they look like 235s on that rig.
  14. What the #@&% is this abomination?

    I think the Plasan's look far more "real deal" than this hulk. This probably has a 55" TV in the back and is full of rich Corinthian leather (in 2-tone burgundy, of course).
  15. What the #@&% is this abomination?

    Didn't want him to see me taking pictures. Might inflate his fragile ego to the point of critical failure. I'm thinking is was once a super duty Ford p/u of some kind.
  16. What the #@&% is this abomination?

    I agree. Looks like like a Decepticon ate an F-350.
  17. What the #@&% is this abomination?

    Saw this monstrosity on the road today. Looks pretty armored and even has grab handles/ foot slots for outside security. It looks to be 5 tons if it's a pound. I'm not going to say it belongs to some trashy dude with more money than sense, but it does have FL plates...
  18. Why a two door is better than a four door

    And all this time I thought my JLUR was a 5-door...