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  1. Disaster in Broncoland: No hard tops, 35s, or Lux package for you!

    Ford's Big Bronco Adventure continues to be an absolute train wreck. Order-holders were just informed that they CANNOT get a hard top, the Sasquatch package (35s, lockers), or the Lux package. Their only options are to downgrade their order and take $2,500, buy a different Ford and take...
  2. Is anyone answering emails at Jeep Badge of Honor?

    I’ve been waiting on a BoH hard badge since June. In the app, It just shows as “Requested” in the app. I have sent a couple of (very polite) emails to [email protected] inquire about this, but have been met with stony silence. It’s almost like there’s no one monitoring their email...
  3. “Unique” way to carry kayaks on a Jeep

    I don’t want to be there when this guy gets up to interstate speeds. 👀
  4. Would you rock a “Paint Chip Wrap”?

    Now available on the Challenger. Would you rock this wrap on your JL?
  5. Did we know that Amazon has an Official Jeep Gear Store?

    It's just t-shirts, hoodies, and the like, but there are some nice designs. And with free shipping, makes for an easy impulse buy. Mrs. VonJeep will not be pleased. https://www.amazon.com/stores/Jeep/page/609D58A2-2247-41C9-A1EE-BFF1F04E5F5B
  6. Death Valley Flood Damage

    Good video showing how extensive the recent flood damage in DV is. The place really got wrecked. :brokenhearted:
  7. The Truth About Scratches

    * It’s not going to buff out. * Ceramic won’t help with scratches. It will help with surface contaminants. * To really prevent them, you need full paint protection film. * PPF is always expensive. Painfully expensive. Like $5-7k expensive. * Scratched plastic will remain scratched. You...
  8. Jeep High Tide (and XR) Review -- "Like an F16 and Hummer EV in One" -- Car & Driver Review

    The article is surprisingly in-depth, and basically constitutes a review of the XR package, too. Oh, and the Sunrider (which I own) is very loud when open at speed. See below. https://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/a40690404/2022-jeep-wrangler-high-tide-by-the-numbers/ Some nuggets: We once...
  9. FCA pleads guilty to criminal conduct in emissions probe

    👀 https://www.autoblog.com/2022/05/25/fca-stellantis-diesel-emissions-plea-deal/ The U.S. business of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has agreed to plead guilty to criminal conduct and pay roughly $300 million in penalties to resolve a multi-year emissions fraud probe surrounding vehicles with...
  10. 2023 40th ANNIV 4RUNNER REVEALED!

    Annnnnd it's a sticker package. I was surprised to learn that the current model is not actually 40 years old. Apparently the nameplate is turning 40. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a40078616/2023-toyota-4runner-special-limited-edition-revealed/
  11. What other outdoor stuff are you into?

    Jeep owners tend to be an outdoorsy bunch. So I’m curious: What other outdoor activities are you into, and are they fueled by your Jeep? Personally, I do a lot of hiking and backpacking, and for some of it I need the Jeep to reach a remote trailhead. Indeed, the more I’ve been overlanding...
  12. Sunrider for Hardtop | Trail Report

    Just finished a three-day trail run in Death Valley. With weather turning nice at home, I had a chance to install my Sunrider for Hardtop before leaving on the trip. The Sunrider has long struck me as the perfect solution for people who enjoy a bit of open-air driving, but want either the...
  13. Stellantis's CEO made $20.6M last year

    So Stellantis CEO Carlos Taveres made $20.6 million last year. The French are clutching their pearls over this news. Doesn't seem like a big deal to me as long as he's doing a good job. Heck, GM's CEO Mary Barra made $23.7M in 2020. NFL quarterbacks and certain NBA players make more than...
  14. Autoblog: The Hemi deserves to die

    Lordy what a rant. Using this doll, can you show us where the Hemi hurt you? https://www.autoblog.com/2022/04/14/hemi-hurricane-replacement-opinion/
  15. Screen Off Button

    So I was driving Mrs VonJeep’s Mazda last night. It was dark out. Rural roads. And man, the screen on the middle of the dash was so bright. Screens are fine in the day, or in the city at night. But they are awful on really dark roads. Turns out there is a way to turn the Mazda’s screen off...
  16. SNEAKY: 2023 Wrangler grille previewed by 20th Anniversary Rubicon Concept??

    Eagle-eyed member @hoag4147 noticed that the Rubicon 20th Anniversary Concept at 2022 EJS is wearing a unique grille. This has me wondering if Jeep actually snuck the new grille for the 2023 restyle of the Wrangler onto this “concept.” It certainly doesn’t look like a one-off part. No...
  17. EJS Color: Eagle Brown -- would you buy it?

    Jeep is known for using EJS to preview upcoming production colors. This year, one stands out: Eagle Brown on the Birdcage Concept. If this winds up being a 2023 color, would you be interested?
  18. Armorlite flooring will be available from the factory for 2023

    Heard it from a Bestop rep. Armorlite will be an OEM option on 2023 JLs. Good for Armorlite. Good for 2023 buyers.
  19. Bestop increasing prices 7-10% on April 4, 2022

    Fair warning if you’ve been on the fence about ordering anything from Bestop…
  20. Companies offering custom-valved shocks?

    I seem to remember at least one company that offers custom-valved shocks for the JL, but I don't remember much beyond that. Am I making this up? And if I'm not making it up, could someone kindly point me in the right direction? Thank you.