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  1. Rubicon Springs on Sahara

    Thanks for the reply. Do you have an idea of how much wider the rubi fenders are over standard?
  2. Rubicon Springs on Sahara

    Thanks again. I just noticed in your sig that you put on Rubi fenders. I believe those are 0.75" wider. So I'll have about 3/4" more poke then you, I believe. Does that seem right to you?
  3. Rubicon Springs on Sahara

    Thanks! Our Sahara is also a 2.0t with the power hard top, so I can probably expect similar results except for the lower rear because of the part numbers. Are you using factory wheels that have pockets for the offset studs in the backside?
  4. Rubicon Springs on Sahara

    Thanks for the reply and advice. I see in your signature that you have the 2.0t. Did your Jeep come with the hardtop and tow group? It looks like the springs that I would be getting are the same for the front, and for the rear are one number down from what you have. So I might expect less lift...
  5. Rubicon Springs on Sahara

    I'm sorry to revive an old thread, but I want to double check a couple questions I have from people who have swapped in the stiffer springs and let them settle a bit. I'm looking to raise our Sahara to about Rubicon height and take out most of the 1" of rake we have currently due to the Rubi...
  6. Keep Me Sane: Death Wobble Has Me Considering Selling

    Thanks for tip! This engineer might have to bust out his Hobart (Miller’s cheaper brother). just kidding, I’m not that motivated. I’ll probably just keep replacing the steering stabilizers for the near term. actually the last updated mopar one has been doing fairly well. When that goes I’ll put...
  7. GOBI JL Wrangler Club

    Those look fantastic! I'm not a fan of matte black, but I love the wheel design. I've wondered what those would look like painted.
  8. Painted JLUR TOP!!!!

    Great job! Black and tan always look good together. We need to see more hardtops and softops in unique colors. I would love to see the Khaki colored soft top from the YJ Sahara make a return for the various grey Wranglers.
  9. Wireless Apple CarPlay using CarlinKit 4.0 Wireless CarPlay

    The dealer figured it out. I'm not exactly sure what part it was, but I took it to be that they replaced the USB hub that extends from the head unit to the ports. It's been working great for the two years since! uConnect is a really good system. Our other vehicle, a Nissan Armada, had such a...
  10. Wireless Apple CarPlay using CarlinKit 4.0 Wireless CarPlay

    We had a similar issue with our 2.0 Carlink. It turns out it was the USB hub that powers both the dash and console, not the Carlink unit
  11. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    That's one way to stud them for winter.

    That looks great with those Gladiator wheels ! What size tires did you put on those 18's?
  13. Wheel spacers-Real jeep owners opinions

    Most people say to just get a wheel with the desired offset, but that is very hard to do. I know I'm 100% alone on this, but the reasons I find it difficult are: Most aftermarket wheels have way too little offset and make the edge of the rim poke out about 2". I don't want the look or the...
  14. Death Wobble Poll

    Our 2019 had barely 3000 miles on it. It was the first time we exposed it to cold to go play in the snow. Every bridge transition sent it into uncontrollable shuddering. 3-1/2 years later it is still an issue.
  15. Not liking the loss in mileage.

    That does look much better!
  16. GTI owner possibly returning to Jeep

    The early JL's ('18, '19, possibly '20?) had eTorque rather than the Aux battery. And it is really the most sensible application of eTorque because the motor generator unit provides just enough initial torque to get the turbo spooled, greatly reducing any lag. We have a '19 eTorque 2.0 and love...
  17. Ready to order help me.. show me your hi velocity vs punkin 4xe vs extreme recon

    We have Hella Yella, which we love, but I'm not such a fan of HV. A little too much green in the yellow for me. But I love Punk'n - It's metallic elements give it a truly complex depth and interesting interaction with light. I feel like Punk'n will be a desirable color over time, whereas I'm not...
  18. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    I agree, the white wheels are very satisfying to look at. The black wheels looked like just another kid with a rattle can.
  19. HIGH ALTITUDE Edition JL Club Thread

    Blackkat75, if you did decide to replace your grill, I'd be interested in buying your silver one. I'm looking for one.
  20. Trade In Value Plummet of Death

    In all my cars I've given up setting us both up for wireless. In her car, I use a cord, and visa versa.