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  1. 392 Aux switch harnesses

    Well if you are unable to locate them I have a new in box sPod for the 392 collecting dust in the garage I’d gladly sell!
  2. Texas 392 (non-XR) Wheels for sale $1,500

    $1,500. Shipping seems to be about $370ish.
  3. Texas Metalcloak Undercloak for 392

    Spod for a 392, and a never installed livernois tuner, metal cloak fenders in hydro blue.
  4. Texas Metalcloak Undercloak for 392

    It’s $275 to ship them to that zip code. Pm me if you’re interested! I also have other 392 parts for sale.
  5. Texas Metalcloak Undercloak for 392

    I sold my 392 and don’t need the parts or I would have installed them. They are pretty heavy and shipping to that zip code would be $275.
  6. Texas 392 (non-XR) Wheels for sale $1,500

    Yes and they are bronze.
  7. Heads and Cam Swap

    royal t that’s exactly what I was looking to do! Now I need to go buy another 392!
  8. Texas 392 (non-XR) Wheels for sale $1,500

    Here you go sorry I missed this.
  9. 392 headers / improved manifolds

    I think most of the swaps use factory headers, it’s the headers back that they change out.
  10. New Jeep with mystery part found......Can you identify?

    It could be a bracket used on the production line and accidentally left behind. Maybe checking qc or something like that at completion.
  11. 2023 - no more front door waterfall in the rain

    My 21 had those little pieces and they helped tremendously.
  12. Texas 392 (non-XR) Wheels for sale $1,500

    I’m in Dallas a bunch, but replaced the 392 with a 911, not exactly a roomy vehicle!
  13. License Plate Fastening

    I just replaced the bumpers to avoid the plastic ones
  14. After 4 years and 42K later ... It's time

    Bypass the ESS. One of the best things I did after it left me stuck on the trail.