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  1. Oracle Vector Grille for 4xe

    Got the Oracle Vector Grille installed on the 4xe. No major issues, and also got the front camera installed as well. Love the DRL start up sequence.
  2. Fuel and Refresh Mode KEEP ON??

    I know there are a lot of FORM threads but those are about getting out of the mode. I’m here to ask is there a way to force this on? One thing I’m not a fan of is how the 4xe almost operates as two separate engines. It’ll start off in electric then if I floor it the gas will kick on. But it’s...
  3. Snow chains for 37 tires in CA?

    Going to Big Bear this weekend. Currently it's heavy snow but we're going Sunday when the weather expects to clear up. Currently Big Bear is under R2: Requirement 2 (R2): Chains or traction devices are required on all vehicles except four wheel/all wheel drive vehicles with snow-tread tires...
  4. Light for the charging port

    Many times find myself coming home at night and trying to plug in the charger and have a hard time sticking it in the hole (that's what she said). But seriously, its a pain and I have to pull out my phone for the flashlight just to get it in right. Made me think how awesome it would be if when...
  5. California 4xe Rubicon Stock Suspension

    Located in Northridge, CA Took off immediately at purchase for a lift, so never been used Springs, shocks, etc. Selling on FB for $650 but too many people keep thinking I'm selling a Jeep and not parts. Will sell here for $550 OBO Pick up only
  6. Rims... to center cap or not?

    Have Moto Metal 970s in grey and they come with these black center caps. Been driving with them on and off and trying to see which I like. I don't like the black cap as it's too big, but also feel a bit naked when they are off. Kinda looking for some better lug nuts or something to clean it...
  7. Extend rear camera with offset rims on spare?

    Have an issue with my new rims in that the negative offset on the spare means the rear camera is picking up the rims and is beeping non stop every time I'm in reverse. Seems the fix is to extend the camera out so it's not in the way? But not sure if this is possible or if there is another solution
  8. 37x18 with 13.50 width PLUS spacer. Did I go too wide?

    Had gotten Spyder 1.5 hub spacers from the dealer when I got the Jeep because I figured the stock stance wasn't aggressive. However just upgraded tires and rims and now I think I over did it. Cosmetically I can live with it but don't know if it's too wide for driving. Also getting major...
  9. 4WP Jeep and Truck Fest Ontario, CA

    Anyone go to it today or planning tomorrow? I'm going tomorrow, will be my first one so not sure what to expect. Looking to get some wheels with 37s so thinking they might have good deals but not sure what to expect. Also taking whole family so hope they have stuff for the kids as well.
  10. Portable EV charger

    Anyone know of a portable charger, level 1 or 2 that we can buy? I'll be using my level 2 charger at home mostly but in situations where we go a far distance, stay at a friend's house, or whatever scenario where I can't be next to a charging station, was thinking if I took a portable charger...
  11. What is this part for?

    Just found this sitting on the rear passenger floor and can't seem to figure where it came from?

    This is probably the most unique 4xe mod that you have ever seen, or HEARD, that is. Now you may be saying since it’s a 4xe, it doesn’t make sound, right? Well let me introduce you to the ACTIVE EXHAUST SOUND SYSTEM. First, background: I had a V8 Titan and loved the power and sound from it...
  13. More power/torque from 4WD (4H or 4H Part Time)?

    Will you get more power/torque by having the 4xe in 4H or 4H PT while daily driving on the streets? Other than fuel economy, any negatives of driving pavement this way?
  14. Are you showing 99 mpg in electric?

    Don't remember it being this way but after I got the Jeep back from the dealer to fix a fuel cap issue, my MPG when in electric is at 99. Drops all the way to zero at a stop then quickly gets back up to 99 as soon as I hit the pedal and stays at 99 until engine kicks in. Could've sworn that...
  15. Stuck on the road

    This is actually my fault as I know I was low on gas and electric and was trying to get home Currently one mile from home and 4xe went into limp mode and shut off. We t to gas station and got a Jerry can and filled up but apparently that didnt work as jeep refuses to turn on. Had to call jeep...
  16. Anybody using Manual Shifting on 4xe

    Been playing around getting a feel for the 4xe and started driving around in Manual and shifting. Will preface that I don't know how to drive a stick so I was just shifting based on when RPMs went high. It was actually pretty fun driving around like that but don't want to do so if I'm doing it...
  17. Way to force Engine on for start up

    Wondering if there is a way to force the engine on when I start up, instead of starting in electric/silent. Maybe via Tazer?
  18. Any dirt roads for a beginner in So Cal?

    First time Jeeper, should be getting my Rubicon 4xe this week. Bought it for a variety of reasons, and the interest to go off roading is one. Never been before, but am interested. Don't want to do anything crazy at first, where I need a winch (don't have one), but just drive around kicking up...
  19. LED or HD interior bulbs for 4xe

    Been looking around to replace the factory interior bulbs to LED or HD but haven't found anything. Anyone did this yet?
  20. Supply & Demand has led to a $100K 392

    So I went on Autotrader and filtered for Dealers with the 392 and basically one-clicked all the Dealers to see if they really had it. Hit up at least 40 dealers across the US. I would say I had email exchanges with about 30 of them within the first hour. Almost all of them said what was shown...