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  1. Possible for things to come here in US? only 4-XE for European market

  2. Hard wire dashcam or radar detector in jeep with ACC

    Hello everyone, does anyone have any experience in hardwiring radar detector in jeep with ACC? thanks.
  3. 392 possible at/below msrp? Which dealers?

    I know this is a stretch but with the market these days, is it still possible to get a 392 at msrp or better yet, at invoice with special orders. Willing to buy out if state if needed. I would appreciate if anyone can post dealers who are willing to deal at/below msrp. Thanks.
  4. Auxillary switches temporarily unavailable due to battery charging

    Hello all, just a quick question. over the last few days, when I start-up JLUR manual, it always says "auxillary switches temporarily unavailable while battery is charging" for few seconds and disappears and re-appears on next startup. I have not seen this previously. On Off-road pages, Battery...
  5. California OEM JLUR rock sliders

    (free pick-up), OEM rock sliders JLUR from a 2019 JLUR. No hardware included. No damages. $0. I am located in Palm Desert, CA.
  6. California JLUR rock rails - $75

    For sale are take down rock rails from 2019 JLUR. These were taken off immediately after delivery and are practically brand new. I am in Palm Desert CA. Prefer local pickup.
  7. Inner fender liner rub/defect

    Just noticed this today. JLUR april 2019 build. I have not been offroading yet and have not felt any rub while driving. Appeared to have rubbed in one place and almost melted in the other spot. Any idea what it could be or anyone else with similar concerns? Thanks
  8. JLUR manual - radio not turning off by itself when powering down

    hello everyone, just got my JLUR manual yesterday. I've searched threads including https://www.jlwranglerforums.com/forum/threads/radio-will-not-power-off.8736/ but did not find this situation similar to mine - when powering off vehicle, pressing on the power button, the radio stays on. I have...