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  1. Illinois WTB Mopar performance rock rails

    I am looking for a set of Mopar performance rock rails for a 4 door. Thanks.
  2. 4xe Sahara GVWR weight sticker tag = 6200 lb

    I saw a lot of people wondering what GVWR was on a 4xe. Here it is.
  3. 392 Wrangler at my local dealer!!

    I was at my local Jeep dealer and they had a black 392 with power top come in today! Pretty awesome! Must be one of the first ones delivered. It was available and I almost jumped on it but I really want Hydro Blue.
  4. Soft top window storage bag

    In case anyone is interested, this is what the soft top window storage bag looks like with the windows stored in it. You have to remove the bar from the bottom of the rear window to put the window in the bag. I just put the bar back where it goes by the tailgate.