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  1. Super disappointed in tires

    I run Goodyear Duratracs, good all terrain tire, will break loose on wet pavement though.
  2. Super disappointed in tires

    BFG makes hard rubber tires that will lags a long time. Hard rubber does not necessarily equal good performance. Especially in cold, wet, icy or snow conditions. Snow tires are typically much softer rubber so they can get traction on slippery surfaces. you would probably better off with some...
  3. Non-magnetic Body?

    Hummm titanium and a lithium battery. What an awesome explosive fire opportunity 😁
  4. Non-magnetic Body?

    Probably saner to return the Jeep 😂
  5. Non-magnetic Body?

    So I buy some cool USMC magnets for my brand new Wrangler 4Xe so as not to damage the paint with stickers, and they won’t stick to the body anywhere but the rear quarter panels!?! Did Jeep build an aluminum or plastic Wrangler body to reduce weight and make up for the battery weight? You would...
  6. Is this Normal for the door handles?

    What NJJeep Guy said. Most of the door latch mechanisms use a cable that may or may not be cut the correct length, and they will eventually stretch, so that’s why There is a way to adjust the Handel. Also, these cables eventually snap. Had that happen on my 2013, but the part is cheap so you can...
  7. Owners show off your new 4xe!

    Just purchased a 2023 4Xe to replace my previously reliable 2013 Sahara. Can’t wait to go up to Santiago Peak with the new wheels.