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  1. Fully loaded Rubicons, list the advantages.(other than the obvious of course)

    My girlfriend and I plan on using our Rubi as intended but she is still going to see a lot of "road" miles
  2. Arrived this morning, my new 392! BUT...now they make me wait....

    I'd tell them that "I paid the deposit and it's built the way I wanted" the Only 392s I've seen or heard of the dealerships in my area getting are already bought
  3. Hail to the Chief

    Agree 99% my 5th is Sarge Green
  4. Bronco owners getting cheeky

    Who died years ago and who's been the great grandfather of 4X4? Young bucks
  5. Unmarrying Tazer for Dealer Visit

    I thought they were vin specific after marriage
  6. Trail badges…who or what do they belong to?

    Here's an idea everyone. Since the badge looks like military ID tags put them on a chain and hang it from the mirror. That's what I plan on doing
  7. Thoughts on Advanced Safety Group

    My old job has vans with it. Now my current job has vans with nothing. When I order my JLURXR it will have all the "bells and whistles" nothing less will do for the price it's definitely worth it
  8. Help Jeep pick a new color

    Bring Gobi back
  9. Fist Look at Gecko JL Wrangler

    Is it just me or is it missing the tow hooks?
  10. Nosey neighbor..

    My first born and a pint of blood
  11. Gray Dashboard on new Rubicon factory order?

    I miss the hard rock that started all the red theme
  12. Important for those that have a brand new Jeep - check your fuses!

    If you have a good dealership they would go and check everything before you take delivery or even call you saying that your Wrangler is ready for pickup
  13. Which one of these 3 options would you pick?

    I'm looking to buy my first WranWrangler if I wasn't dead set on the JLUR I'd do all three
  14. These celebrities' Jeeps are downright FUGLY

    This just shows how much you can do to a Wrangler and that everyone has different taste. I love the Wrangler way of life and can't wait to be part of it
  15. From Minnesota to the Southwest

    Looks like it was a great trip
  16. I was Oblivious To Jeep Wave

    I do it in my work van and daily both
  17. 2020 Jeep Wrangler JPP 20 Edition Introduced at Chicago Auto Show

    You can still go through the gears on the auto
  18. Body Removal off Frame

    Lite-Brite did a engine swap where they took the body off if you look it up on YouTube