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  1. Self Correcting Speedometer

    Negative, Ghost Rider...that was not caused by a solar flare or the Ruskies but was most likely due to the rotation of the earth, global warming and el Nino'...if you don't believe that...it was probably some facsimile thereof related to the square root of Pi divided by the product of the...
  2. Sticker/Decals maker?

    I know there is someone on this forum here makes good quality decals but I can't remember their name or user ID. Does anyone know who they might be??? I believe the guy I once used was out of the Chicago or northern Illinois area.
  3. Biggest mark up for a 392 so far? MSRP of 80k - Dealer price of 125k!

    I really don't see why they can't do that. Does it upset people? Probably. Are people going to still pay the price listed on the sticker regardless? Probably. It's all about supply and demand...just like gas or a lot of other things that are in short supply right now. Case in point...my...
  4. Biggest mark up for a 392 so far? MSRP of 80k - Dealer price of 125k!

    This is what is known as a "MARKET ADJUSTMENT". Dealers routinely do "market adjustments" on vehicles that are in high demand and can't be kept on the lot. The last two vehicles in my local area (Central Texas) that I saw with "market adjustments" were a Ford Raptor that had a $35,000 "market...
  5. name that jeep?

  6. OEM Battery...

    Yes...it's the 3.6L. That's the only motor that was offered in 2018. I believe that the auxiliary battery is used to mainly power the ESS system and it seems to be working just fine but that could be because the motor is running or has been charging the system. I rarely use the ESS and have a...
  7. OEM Battery...

    I have a 2018 JLUR that I ordered in April 2018 and received in May 2018. There is a tad over 32,000 miles on it so far. Lately, I'm noticing a message that states "LOW BATTERY; AUX SWITCHES NOT AVAILABLE" but then it goes away after starting within about 15 or 20 seconds and then the...
  8. Bike Rack Options??

    This is what I bought to go with my bike rack and it works perfectly...and is secure...and probably waaaay cheaper than what you're planning on purchasing...
  9. Wiring CB and GMRS together on Aux 3?

    It's one thing to do that on GMRS frequencies but if you're doing that on amateur radio frequencies, that's most definitely against the law. If you don't think you can get caught by operating on amateur radio frequencies without an amateur radio license, you should probably think again...
  10. Dealership can now reprogram / calibrate speedometer and odometer for bigger tires

    I can tell you that for about a week I ran my Jeep with 35" tires and I sensed that the shift points were slightly off compared to running them with the 33s that it came with. Once I re-cal'd my speedo to reflect the 35" tires, everything seemed fine...and has been ever since. Could the shift...
  11. Fist Look at Gecko JL Wrangler

    Hmmm...I guess this forum is going to start deleting comments that "they" don't like. I posted a comment on this specific post...was probably the 2nd or 3rd overall comment...that appears to have been deleted by someone or something other than myself. :swear: Interesting...and disturbing.
  12. GECKO Wrangler JL Club

    Those pics were posted in this forum the other day but I don't know where the post went. The OP said it was a dealer in Michigan.
  13. GECKO Wrangler JL Club

    Please...remain calm, ma'am! :facepalm:
  14. adjusting the clock constantly?

    Stop worrying about it and just buy a watch. :bandit:
  15. When do you REFUEL?

    I never let any of my vehicles get below 1/4 tank for a couple of reasons -- 1) never know when I may have an emergency of some sort; 2) don't want to deal with a potential vapor lock issue.
  16. Yes this happened in NY today

  17. Yes this happened in NY today

    :surprised:I give up. :swear: is that!? Is that a Dune Buggy?? What in the name of Billy Joe Ray Jim Bob is that in between the headlights?! What happened to the fenders...looks crippled (no offense...can't be politically incorrect these days). :facepalm: Is that a dude or chick driving?? What...
  18. Got my Vaccine....And a VERY Cool Experience!

    It's not *always* a clean environment. We have our share of "dirty patients" and have probably been averaging anywhere from 3 to 5 COVID positive patients per week in the cath lab for a few months now. But, yea, you're right, it's neat work.
  19. Got my Vaccine....And a VERY Cool Experience!

    Nope...no side work. At the end of the day, I'm pretty much ready to go home and unwind.
  20. Got my Vaccine....And a VERY Cool Experience!

    Hmmm...that's definitely a "dad joke" for sure. I should've known better. :facepalm: Since you asked...I do diagnostic and interventional cardiology and diagnostic and interventional cardiac electrophysiology. Things like coronary stents...peripheral-vascular stents...pacemaker &...