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  1. Just toured the Ford F-150 assembly plant, it was awesome. Jeep should do this

    I was driving from NY to Detroit with the family. I noticed our route would take us near Toledo so I Googled to see if they offered tours at the Jeep plant. Ends up it isn't something they normally do. Then I noticed they do give tours at the F-150 plant (Rouge plant) all the time. It was...
  2. I think we all knew this, now there is a study to prove it.

  3. Hill descent control in the snow

    I know HDC was designed for trail use. However, I have a fairly steep paved driveway (13 degrees grade at its steepest part per the Jeep) that I have slid down a number of times in my prior car. Has anyone used HDC on pavement? Just curious how well it works.