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  1. Finally got off-road (Northern Michigan)

    Stayed at Heart Lake over the weekend and finally got to do some extended off-roading. Had an absolute blast! Definitely hooked and want to do more. At one point I was completely lost and really didn’t care. Here’s some pics:
  2. Unlock/Lock Glove Box and Center Console with Key Fob?

    Has anyone looked into wiring the glove box and center console to lock/unlock with the key fob? With the doors off as much as possible I would love to be able to do this. I know it’s unlikely, but thought I’d put it out there! Thanks!
  3. Soft Top Whistling Noise

    First time I had it on the freeway for an extended time today. Whistling noise, like blowing between two reeds. Primarily 80mph + I tried searching and couldn’t find anything. If someone could give me some advise on what to try or link to another thread I would appreciate it.
  4. Simpson’s predicted the Gladiator in 1998

    Season 10: Episode 5
  5. Train Tracks

    You know those train track humps? How fast do you go over them? We don’t have anywhere to go off road near where I live. You gotta find your fun where you can...
  6. Most Questionably Modded Jeep of 2019?

  7. Just found out my aunt has old yellow manual TJ

    My 75 year old aunt has a manual yellow 2000 Wrangler with 300K miles on it. I asked her for pics but it’s put away for the winter. She lives on the Utah/Idaho border on a farm. dorky, I know, but hoping to update this thread in the spring!