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  1. Why are the Eco Diesels getting different MPG's

    well, i dont drive all that fast, but live up in the hills...rather disappointed to see only 19 mpg recently. maybe the crappy cali fuel? all stock except for roof bars
  2. Have you tried windshield protection film?

    bummer, just cracked mine too, guess i will give it a try
  3. Show Off Your Scenic Jeep Photos

    ^ Where you at, nice pics?
  4. EARL Wrangler JL Club / Photos

    I have zero Earl choice regrets!
  5. Show us your STEPS!

    Any thoughts on these ? https://ironman4x4america.com/raid-series-heavy-duty-side-steps-suited-for-jeep-wrangler-jlu-4-door/
  6. Show Me Your Side Steps/Rails

    Been thinking about getting these soon, but they are bulky https://www.rockhard4x4.com/product_p/rh-90124.htm
  7. Our Paddle Shifters Are Dumb

    Do the paddles rotate with the wheel or are they stationary?
  8. Anyone go Jeeping Alone?

  9. Anyone go Jeeping Alone?

    I'm in 29 Palms just about every other weekend, lets meet up sometime!
  10. JL Rubicon on Method Wheels...let's see em!

    Snazzberry rocks with bronze!! Im going similar soon but with Earl
  11. Anyone want to explore Johnson Valley area on Saturday?

    I have a place in 29 Palms, there every 2-3 weeks, it would be great to meet with you guys one of these days!
  12. EARL Wrangler JL Club / Photos

    Hmmm, rumor on the forum is that earl is no longer available to order...
  13. Jeep Detailing!

    collinite 845 is the best...
  14. Old Dale mining district trails on Sunday?

    I'm in 29 Palms often, cant make this Sunday...but keep me in mind
  15. EARL Wrangler JL Club / Photos

    I love the color, it really grows on you!
  16. California DeepSleep 4 Jeeps Air Mattress for JLU

    Interested, is it overland or nylon? LMK
  17. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Link for the lights please...how do you like em?
  18. EARL Wrangler JL Club / Photos

    Pic from this week before the rain moved in. I wouldnt be able to get to my place without it LOL
  19. 3.0 Diesel fuel pump recall announced

    I ordered back in July, here is a pic from his week right before the atmospheric river hit. lol