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  1. Wrangler is currently #2 most price marked up (over msrp) new vehicle on the market. How can people be paying this much!

    3 Months ago my local dealer (large size) was pretty bare. Today there is a glut and nothing is moving. Well actually the price and finance charge are moving....up that is. A GM/Buick Dealer a mile away, same thing....I couldn't believe how many vehicles they had sitting there on my way home...
  2. Would you buy a first year JL?

    My early 2018 JLUR with 169,000 on it and never a serious issue. 8 seed auto, 3.6 and every factory option. All TSB‘s done and oil changes every 3000 miles. Leather is still excellent. No stearing issues. Yes, get one!
  3. TFL comes back to Jeep (after selling Bronco)

    My 14 year old grand daughter can outdrive any of the TFL gang! They should be in the "balloon" business as they produce a good bit of hot air. The JK must have cast a spell on this guy because I haven't heard one good word about a JK in 6 years!
  4. The 2023 Gladiator Is the Worst Pickup Truck on Consumer Reports, Again

    You shouldn't get all worked up over these guys! They will always rank any Jeep product at the bottom of the heap because that's who they are. They are biased based on who drops the largest briefcase full of money. How do I know that....I worked there a short period in my career and watched...
  5. Tommy from TFL sold his Jeep

    My 13 year old grand daughter can out 4-wheel anyone starring on the TFL channel. Who cares what they do or what they think?
  6. Jeep reliability according to Consumer Reports 2022 study

    I worked for CR for 1 1/2 years in the testing/technical department. What the manufacturer spends is how the article is written...period end of story. How do I know, because that's what the CFO told me! The absolutely hate Jeep and compare their elitists bullshit with Wranglers vs Lexus GS...
  7. Seat replacements for Rubicon 392 and a cool pic!

    My cat says: "fuckin meow"!!!
  8. Arrived this morning, my new 392! BUT...now they make me wait....

    It is the right thing to do....forgive. However, you won't forget!!
  9. Quadratec sent me a winch by mistake!

    Honesty is always the best policy! You’re a good man!
  10. Dealership is replacing my '21 Rubi. Need to vent. (Happy ending looking likely!)

    Your leasing this correct? Who cares about the long term on the paint then?
  11. Touchless carwash leaks - normal?

    My 2018 Rubicon does the same thing. It'll hit me half way up my ankle on the drivers or passenger side. This happens in my local car wash as the pressure is quite high and more than a normal car wash that I also go to..no leaks from that one. My wife's gladiator does the same thing...
  12. Dealer left oil cap off during an oil change and the Service Manager won't return calls.

    This sounds like a teenager giving stupid advice. How about going back to the service adviser and intelligently negotiating your solution? Your mama should have stopped your drama!
  13. Windshield cleaning problem solved

    For my best results, I use the foaming window cleaner with Mr. Clean's magic eraser. Whatever is on your window will peel right off with that combination.
  14. My Jeep is at the dealer! But there’s a dealer scam already added

    Anyone remember the movie "Fargo"? Watch the part at the dealership involving the "True Coat" dealer ripoff. I remember when dealers wanted to add the "skotch guard" to the inside cloth seats for $400.00. You could purchase two cans of Skotch Guard at K-mart for under $10.00 and it was...
  15. Family Vehicle?!?

    Sienna? I've got plenty of Jeep horsepower around here and I don't classify them as the best family vehicle. My neighbor has newborn twins with a Pacifica and loves it.
  16. Family Vehicle?!?

    So someone loaned you another vehicle and all you have are complaints? I'll guarantee this argument doesn't make any sense with a family with a minivan. Honestly, a minivan was rated the most practical and most versitile vehicle you can own. Who gives a shit about changing diaper height in...
  17. Jeep remote key fob, who designed this thing?

    My question: What idiot bought it and now complains over it? I can't imagine that you didn't see the remote when you test drove the vehicle. If you didn't like the remote, why buy the vehicle? This has been debated here since 2018. Some folks simply place a rubber band around it and the...
  18. Should I ask the dealer to delete MOPAR items on ‘22 JLURD?

    By the way, D1 brings excitement until they roll it back to D. There was a period of time not long ago where this was a growing forum thread.
  19. Should I ask the dealer to delete MOPAR items on ‘22 JLURD?

    Yes and no! Stick to your guns and ride it out as there is no guarantee that fiddling with your order will ensure a good conclusion! I've had 3 different Jeeps (2 - Rubs, 1 - Gladiator) sit in JB for longer than it took to build. I had 1 Jeep Rubicon that sat there for 2 months!!!! My...