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  1. Rear Storage Tub

    Thanks.... Thought about that too. AAL makes a bracket for the storage well for the twin compressors, but then they use a relocation kit for both the intakes and the pressure side outlet, as well as the On/Off switch, that they claim significantly reduces the heat output. Not even sure I'm...
  2. Rear Storage Tub

    Thanks. Thats exactly what I was wondering about. Didn't know about Adventure Labs. Wonder what kind of heat issues there would be running the compressors while covered?
  3. Rear Storage Tub

    Just a quick question: Can someone confirm or deny whether the diesels have the rear under floor storage compartment? Thanks...
  4. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Oh, and I was told that the window sticker was dealer generated so they had no info on it, and that they couldn't provide a build sheet.
  5. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Got one of these today: "I am showing that at this time all of the materials needed to start the build process have been received. The vehicle should be entering the build process very soon." Order date was August 20
  6. 2021 Diesel gearing changed to 4.10?

    That's all Ive heard as well. Honestly, I would've preferred to keep the 3.73's and decide for myself. I think its probably the simplicity of manufacturing that drove the decision, but also maybe the added EGR benefit.
  7. 2021 Diesel gearing changed to 4.10?

    Quick hijack here, but where do/did go to see your window sticker? And yes not surprising that the MPG's went down with what I am sure is the lower gears....
  8. 2021 Diesel gearing changed to 4.10?

    I doubt they care if we want to put taller tires on. I'm guessing that if they changed it, it's because they now have the hybrid JL for 2021, so they don't need the diesel with higher gears (and higher mpg's) to bring up their CAFE numbers. All Rubicons getting 4.10's is much easier from a...
  9. 2021 Diesel gearing changed to 4.10?

    The build tool on Jeep's site shows only 4.10's available with the diesel option now. A month ago it showed only 3.73's available. I ordered mine on 8/20. The order sheet doesn't state the axle ratio, just the Rubicon (26R), so I would guess I'm getting the 4.10s.