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  1. 80th Anniversary edition... WTF?!?

    No that's a bolt action. I have two myself,
  2. 80th Anniversary edition... WTF?!?

    Hope they don't include the M1 Carbine in NJ. In NJ the M1 Carbine is considered an assault weapon. Go Figure
  3. LED Light option; worth it?

    The first time it happened, I had come out of the garage going to work at O Dark Thirty. Within 10 minutes I had the light speed effect. We typically get the wet slushy type snow, not the dry stuff. I love the LEDs, but I did add Halogens as a way of having light when we do get wet snow. The...
  4. LED Light option; worth it?

    You're lucky. I've had the snow pack up in front of the headlights and fog lights a number of times. It really becomes an issue at night. That's why I added cheap insurance with the Hellas. If you look through the threads on LEDs, I'm not the only one that experienced this and the "Light speed...
  5. LED Light option; worth it?

    Have the LEDs from the factory. Worth every penny in my opinion. One thing though. I did add Hella halogen lights to the front bumper for when it snows. Twice I had lost light due to snow packing in due to lack of heat.
  6. The no-drilling 10 second way to get through JL firewall to run electrical wire

    when I ran my coax cables and lines for my speaker back in 2018, I drilled a large hole in that plug and ran everything through the hole. Once the plug was back in place, I sealed it with a generous portion of coax seal. Haven't had any leaks or problems.
  7. JLU Wrangler Auto 4WD

    I’ve driven at highway speed with no issues. I don’t believe the auto 4wd has a speed restriction.
  8. I finally got the toplift pro!

    The way I install the support bars is to separate the two pieces. Then insert the back part in the tube, but going past the the locking point. This puts the tube far enough back that you can install the front part. With the screws down all the way, you can move the bar forward until it locks...
  9. Look what Jeep snuck in on the High Altitude Wrangler

    The funny thing is that the actual use of the Red Cross is restricted by the Geneva Conventions and most civilian ambulances used Omaha Orange crosses. Complaints by the Red Cross is what led to the development of the Star of Life.
  10. Weird uConnect/Radio issues/fix

    Well I found with the new radio, on start up, if the environmental setting is "Auto" about once every 10-15 starts, the vehicle will still show the light on the auto button, but the screen shows normal vent setting. If I turn it off and back on again, it returns to Auto. Discovered something...
  11. Weathertechs or Mopar mats?

    I've had Weathertech mats in all of my cars. For the Jeep, I decided to try the Mopar set. I'm happy with them. No issues after over a year.
  12. Colorado Will CarPlay announce incoming texts?

    so I did get to verify tonight that it does announce who the text is from
  13. Colorado Will CarPlay announce incoming texts?

    Sorry that it took a while to get back to you. It turns out after the last iOS update, it turned of "Allow Notifications" in System/Notifications/Messages. I'm typically connected via Bluetooth and not by cable. But when I do get a text, it does make an audible announcement (sorry can't remember...
  14. Colorado Will CarPlay announce incoming texts?

    Also, in Settings / Notifications scroll down to Messages in Notification Style and enable "allow notifications" and "show in CarPlay". At least that's how mine is set up and it notifies me of texts as well as allows me to verbally respond if wanted.
  15. HAM, CB, FRS, GMRS, Etc... what is your setup?

    I use a trunk lip mount on the rear of my hood for my GMRS antenna (The fenders were already tied up with Ham and fire radio antennas). The antenna tuned up nice VSWR wise. The radiation pattern may be skewed a bit, but it does what I need.
  16. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I have their AA-600. Made tuning up all the radios (2m, 440, GMRS and CB) a snap. Well worth the cost. Also makes tuning the hitch mounted HF screwdriver antenna quick and easy when I have it on the Jeep.
  17. New Defender [email protected] itself versus a Jeep on trail

    I would have liked to see the Defender vs. a JLU. That would have been closer to apples to apples.
  18. Soft top storage

    Funny you should post that. I was just thinking about doing the same thing this winter with mine. Last winter I stored the soft top in my shed along with the partially disassembled Top Lift Pro. Although I was looking at the storage hanger that Quadratec sells for the soft top.
  19. Front bumper with receiver hitch and tow bar brackets

    But has anybody figured out how to dinghy tow and keep your front receiver as well?
  20. Dealer Tire Rotation Oddness / Very Short Story

    I've had 3 of my Wave Oil Change and Tire Rotations. All three had 5 tires rotated at no additional cost.