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  1. Help with wiring AEV LED lights

    Just bought 7" LED lights for my front bumper. See the big wiring harness that comes with it. I plan on wiring them into my AUX switches but not sure what to do with all these other things- switches, fuses, etc... Do I just cut this stuff off and wire right into the AUX wiring under the hood? Thanks
  2. What do you think will fail first in the JL driveline?

    I just upgraded my front drive shaft when I installed my lift, and that got me wondering if I should upgrade my rear driveshaft? wondering which one takes more stress? then I was wondering what the weak links in the Jeep driveline might be (welds, knuckles, shafts, etc...). Realize that this...
  3. Anyone installed the G-Screen Battery Monitor for Genesis Dual Battery?

    this: if so, where did you mount it? I'm thinking of the front speaker on the driver's side by your knee... thanks
  4. The no-drilling 10 second way to get through JL firewall to run electrical wire

    Posting as an FYI if this can help someone. I need to run a wire from my ARB fridge in the back to the aux battery in my Genesis Dual Battery set up. See pics. Inside the engine bay on the drivers side you will find a black cap on the fire wall. This just pops off with a pull with some...
  5. Steering Fix TSB 08-074-20 Crowdsourced Dealership Survey. Add Your Experience.

    thanks for organizing. Dealer Name: Hanlees Jeep/Chrysler/Dodge City, State: Napa, CA Date Taken In (for evaluation, not specifically to do the work): 9/4 Date Completed: n/a Did you buy your Jeep from this dealer: No Your Jeep has suspension/tire modifications: Yes. 3.5" Metalcloak lift and...
  6. Confirmed: 2021 Jeep Wranglers have new improved steering gear box (from TSB 08-074-20)

    Mine was denied the fix from dealer due to my suspension and tire modifications (a lift kit and 35” tires). I reached out to Jeep Cares to see what can be done. Anyone else get denied like this?
  7. So you have a Service Axle Locker warning light. How I fixed mine.

    Hi all. Been following this discussion. Dumb question- how does one wire up this $179 Z Automotive sensor to your stock axel? Is this done inside the diff or is the wiring outside the diff? Any pics? Thanks.
  8. Genesis Off-Road Dual Battery Kit

    I just installed the Genesis battery kit. Took me three hours and the install was flawless. I just followed the instructions in the video on their web site. I was a little intimidated at first but the video is very good. I’m so happy with the result. Highly recommend. Feel more secure knowing I...
  9. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    I called the Napa, CA Jeep dealer and gave them the TSB number and they couldn't even find it in their system. I just had to laugh. So lame. I emailed it to her. Made an appointment for next week. We'll see what they say.
  10. Overlanding 2 door JL 2018

    Overlanding 2 door JL 2018

  11. Metalcloak 3.5" Gamechanger with ADS shocks on 2 Door Rubicon

    finally got the 3.5 lift installed with ADS remote reservoir shocks with compression adjustment. Very happy with how it came out. Ride is much better than stock. not as wallowing over road bumps, much of the body roll is gone, a bit stiffer but ride quality is quite good. you could argue that I...
  12. 2 door with Method 701s and 35" BF Goodrich KM3 Mud Terrains

    Yes I was thinking the same about the 37s but decided to forgoe the strain on the drivetrain from larger and heavier tires. Trying to keep weight down as well as I overland with the Jeep. We will see. I may cave in the end!
  13. 2 door with Method 701s and 35" BF Goodrich KM3 Mud Terrains

    Lug nuts are from Method as well.
  14. 2 door with Method 701s and 35" BF Goodrich KM3 Mud Terrains

    Really happy with these 17" wheels and the way they look. Method makes a very nice wheel. Love the finish and quality. Tires are LT35/12.5R 17. Many places were sold out of these KM3s (including Amazon) but found them at I used the Mopar, oversized reinforced tire carrier kit to...
  15. Expedition One Trail Series 2 Rear Bumper w/ Tire Carrier installed

    I was looking at the LOD Destroyer bumper but understand it has issues with back up sensors not working. I'm waiting to see what AEV comes out with.
  16. ESS battery dead

    I have one of the first 2 door Rubicon's with 3.6 engine and tow package. Has about 5k on her. drive mostly on weekends. i started to see warning lights about start/stop battery and brought it to dealer. long story short, I had to pay for a new aux battery. I now trickle charge it every time...
  17. Expedition One Trail Series 2 Rear Bumper w/ Tire Carrier installed

    This review sealed the deal for me. I will not be buying this bumper. It was on my short list of two companies but the lack of clear installation instructions and missing parts killed it for me. I just don’t have the time to deal with poor documentation and bad customer service. These are basics...