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  1. Questions about Powertank

    Very good responses from y’all. I really appreciate the input (I’m an old guy, but I’m still learning). If anybody has an idea for mounting a 15 pound tank, other than the Powertank behind the seat bracket, I’d love to see it.
  2. Speedflate air/down system is legit!

    Report back what you think. The quality of the parts seems to be very high. Everything swivels and no leaks.
  3. Questions about Powertank

    Yes it does, and you know they are all even pressure too.
  4. Repercussions of regeneration?

    Maybe soot only burns off during regen, and never else.
  5. Speedflate air/down system is legit!

    Right now terrible as I haven’t got a Powertank yet.
  6. Speedflate air/down system is legit!

    I just got lucky I guess. I did order very early, order number was 31.
  7. Questions about Powertank

    It’s got a shut off valve. Works great.
  8. Speedflate air/down system is legit!

    I bought this a couple weeks ago and really like it, so I thought I’d go ahead and give it a plug. First thing was to give it a pressure test. After 15 minutes. I can live with that! After a couple uses now I don’t think I want to go back to the old way. And when...
  9. Questions about Powertank

    Not that sophisticated, but air up/down all 4 to same pressure in a jiffy.
  10. Bestop Sunrider for Hardtop

    Damn I’m in OR. I’d be on that.
  11. Questions about Powertank

    Excellent feedback so far! Thanks. I’m definitely leaning towards a 15 pound tank as I also want to be able to fill even bigger tires like truck or RV. On the flip side I’m always trying to save room and weight. So I guess I’m looking for the best compromise. I’d love everything about 2 10# bar...
  12. Jeep humor waiting room

  13. Questions about Powertank

    I recently bought this setup, and have been toying with the idea of a Powertank. Right now all I have is a S#ittybilt 12v, I think the 12v is going to be a back up to a Powertank. Question is for 37s what would you choose; 10# on roll bar to keep it out of the way, or...
  14. Ground tent vs RTT

    I decided against a RTT because, bottom line, I want more room. I don’t like being that confined if the weather is bad, or I wake up early and want to get up. I have a Coleman instant tent that’s big enough for a queen sized mattress, a chair, and a Mr Heater. I can stand up in a nice warm tent...
  15. Body Bolts Question

    Haha I worked for FedEx for 30 years and I have no idea how shipments get spit up so easy. Browns not perfect, but they have always had a better system in place to keep shipments together and deliver them on time than we did.
  16. TSB 08-074-20 for Steering: confessions of a Millenial Driver

    I love honesty, and it’s fairly rare! It sounds to me like you’ve learned your lesson, and are prepared to change your ways. My prediction for you is that your self discipline will now take over wether you get the TSB or not. There’s nothing stopping you. PS: I’m an old guy and I’ve been...
  17. Optimum Gears?

    I don’t like the fact that mine won’t stay in 8th as well. I’m running 35s and 2” inch lift. If it makes you feel better (it did me), 6th gear is direct 1:1 and 7th and 8th are both overdrive gears. So even in 7th you’re still in overdrive.
  18. Who actually takes their JL offroad?

    Bought in February, on the rubicon in August. .
  19. Poll: Did TSB 08-074-20 Fix Your Steering Issues?

    Update on the new steering box after a few hundred miles. It’s incredible the change! I cannot say how much is the box, and how much is the software, but I feel it’s definitely both. I originally said it wasn’t as good as my wife’s RAV4., but I was wrong. It’s as good as my wife’s RAV4. I drove...
  20. Air mattress designed for the wrangler?

    Its as comfortable as any air mattress, but I’d say it’s better made than most. The fit in the JL is great, as well as the valve location. I would buy it again.