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  1. 2021 Diesel gearing changed to 4.10?

    @DrRay81 What ratio does your window sticker say?
  2. Max Terrain Fender Flare Set, F & R; 18-20 JL/JLU

    @Squirrley @VolCntry73 I love the look and funtionality of these flares! Can you post before and after measurements as well as what size tires and lift you are running?
  3. Employee Pricing for June?

    I have one dealer telling me that they got word today that employee pricing on Wranglers was not continuing and today, June 1st, would be the last day they could secure a deal with employee pricing. Anyone else hearing this, or can confirm?
  4. Diesel RPM on Highway

    That's the math, but does it actually do that or drop into 7th?
  5. Diesel RPM on Highway

    Thanks. For those running 35s or 37s, do you see much difference?
  6. Diesel RPM on Highway

    @AdvEddie was that 7 or 8th gear and are you running stock height, tires, Rubicon?
  7. Diesel RPM on Highway

    For those with the diesel, what is your RPM and gear when cruising on the highway at 80MPH?
  8. Proximity key mandatory option on Rubicons?

    I have been told that from the two dealers in the northeast I spec'ed a Rubicon with about two months ago.
  9. 2020 JL EcoDiesel Dyno Run

    Was traction control completely disabled?