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  1. Kentucky roll call!

    Who all's from/in the bluegrass state? Give a shout! I'm outside of E-Town, in Big Spring. About an hour southwest of Louisville.
  2. Ecodiesel full-time 4x4???

    I saw on all the press releases that Selec-trak will not be available with the ecodiesel. This is problematic for me. Are there any options for swapping in a full time t-case? An AMC np242 would be fantastic, as would the torsen based option out of a commander. Anybody have any idea on the...
  3. Future diesel swap possibilities.

    Greetings all. Seeing as the wait for the eco diesel is seemingly endless, and slowly killing me, I decided to investigate the possibilities of a diesel swap. Bruiser, and the other big names, have nothing for the jl (as far as diesel goes) thus far. My inquiries are primarily this; 1) What...