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  1. Rock Slide Engineering Gen 3 Slider issues

    That's what I did, hook them up to an AUX switch since the wiring from the steps came up right where the AUX wiring is anyway.
  2. Problems figuring out how to replace light bulb in tail light

    I noticed on my 2021 that there is a pop out plastic access panel on the inside that I assumed was for accessing the taillight but haven't tried it yet.
  3. Just Venting - Problem With Quadratec

    Looks like the box was destroyed and shrunk wrapped up by the by the carrier not Quadratec.
  4. Gladiator rollover gets rescued on trail

    Surprised to see a Corvair wagon modified for recovery work. I had two of the wagons over the years. Did a lot of crazy stuff with them, including offroad when I lived in Colorado. Fun memories.
  5. Rock Slide Engineering Gen 3 Slider issues

    Once you get power to your step it will close. If you want, you can jumper wire the motor from any 12-volt DC source. Also, should add that to reverse motor direction just reverse the wires.
  6. How reliable is the new 3.6l? is it straight out of the gc?

    I am on my 4th 3.6. 2011 and 2017 Dodge Challengers. 2012 and 2021 Jeep Wranglers. So far, no problems.
  7. Sunglass storage

    I just hang them on the sun visor support arm.
  8. 2021 JLUR won't coast downhill in 4Lo

    I have a 2021 JLUR 3.6 and love the way 4/lo holds me back on hills. However, most of the gravel hills I have to use to get to the main road are no more than 20%.
  9. 3 bad cams/lifters in 11k m?

    I remember about 10 years ago some 3.6 engines had casting sand left in the block.
  10. ALUMINUM bumpers ONLY. Let's see them!

    I guess you roll the dice on that one. What I was addressing was when you said "If it ships with a pallet like my front did, I don't think that would fit in the jeep" part of your post. So, I was just saying to cut the bumper loose from the pallet and leave it behind.
  11. ALUMINUM bumpers ONLY. Let's see them!

    Yes, that's the process if you go to the freight center, where else would you go to pick it up in your jeep?
  12. ALUMINUM bumpers ONLY. Let's see them!

    You don't have to take the pallet. Just cut the bands and throw the bumper in the back of the jeep. I worked for a freight company most of my life and never forced anyone to take the pallet.
  13. Caution: Broken Body Mount Bolt When Installing Frame Mount Rock Sliders / Rails / Sidesteps

    Today I Broke loose the body bolts with a 1/2" impact wrench and no heat with no problems. I only loosen and retighten 1/4" at a time until I figure they're loose enough to run out. I have been doing suspension bolts off and on for the last 40 or so years and don't recall breaking one yet...
  14. Push button 4WD for the Wrangler

    I had all kinds of problems with the electronic transfer case module on my old 2001 ZR2 Blaser. The TCM was replaced 3 times. The transfer case shift motor was also replaced. Worst part of it was the TCM would default to 4/wheel drive low.:mad:
  15. Heavy Duty Rock Slider with Step Assist? [Willy’s]

    I have it and like it. It's more of a half step but by placing my left foot on it sideways and swinging my right foot in it works great. Seems to be keeping rocks from dinging the door hinges too. My wife on the other hand thinks the step is too high so I bought Rock-Slide Engineering's slider...
  16. Help me understand my new Jeep 4WD

    Do you know what the difference is between Rubicon's 4:1 Rock-Trac and Select-Trac?

    I have had 2011 and 2017 Challengers and a 2012 and now a 2021 jeep all with the 3.6 engine with zero problems engine wise. All bought new.
  18. Why a two door is better than a four door

    The main reason I drive the 4/dr is because the longer wheelbase is easier to control on the icy roads I have to drive to get home.
  19. Rock Slide Engineering Gen 3 Slider issues

    Thanks, I ordered in early June too. Demand and material shortages I suppose.
  20. Rock Slide Engineering Gen 3 Slider issues

    I ordered the Gen 3 RSE sliders 3 1/2 months ago through Quadratec and still no word when. Anybody having better luck getting theirs?