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  1. Sounds Like Dying Battery, But Has Good Voltage

    How do I load test? Sorry, you’re talking to a 5-year old.
  2. Sounds Like Dying Battery, But Has Good Voltage

    My stock battery is 3.5 years old, 42k on the clock. Is it time for a new battery, and if so how do I know if it’s the main or the aux? It’s been giving me trouble starting randomly, sputters and finally kicks over. I checked the voltage at the main and it’s about 12.3v. I’ve also been getting...
  3. How Many Miles on Your Manual Transmission/Clutch?

    I think it’s off, but I’ll look at it to be sure. Thanks!
  4. How Many Miles on Your Manual Transmission/Clutch?

    42k here on ‘18 Rubicon. No issues other than I don’t like the clutch. Too light for my preference, and mine sticks too frequently when trying to get rolling. Makes me feel like I haven’t been driving stick as long as I have been. Kind of annoying, but no real issues. Love driving manual.
  5. 999,999 Miles and Aux Not Working

    Anyone else get this on their dash? Happens very frequently where miles show 999,999 and I get a message saying something like “aux switches not available.” It goes away in a short time, but kind of annoying
  6. Anyone running 37s on stock Rubicon wheels?

    Do you have a lift? What's your experience with your tires so far? I'm in an '18 JLUR 6-spd and my stock BFGs are getting close to the indicator marker. I'm 95% going to go with BFG 37s on the stock wheels with no lift until I get the Mopar lift (no crawling here).
  7. Tazer JL Mini and Memory

    Did not know that, thanks!
  8. Tazer JL Mini and Memory

    I have not. I will do this and then watch it for a while.
  9. Tazer JL Mini and Memory

    I've had the tazer mini installed in my 18 JLUR for a few years now and generally have zero issues with it. The feature I cared about most is disabling the ESS function. Over the years my jeep randomly forgets the setting and I have to hit the button to turn it off when I start the jeep. Is that...
  10. Want an ARB compressor? Good luck!

    Luckily mine came in, I waited about 5 weeks though.
  11. Ham Rig Install and Cockpit w/ Pics

    How sturdy is the rack? I have the same rig in my JLU mounted to the 67 designs on the dash. I really want to put my FT-991a in the jeep and I was wondering if you thought the overhead panel would hold it?
  12. Ham Radio Install w/ Pics **Update 3 Years Later**

    I moved the Larsen to the front, it died and I replaced it with a backup Diamond I had. I also put an HF rig in there. I’m really happy now. No wires showing anywhere. If you have questions just ask.
  13. Getting Through Firewall on Driver’s Side (MT)?

    Thanks for the feedback. I have the manual so yeah mine is blocked.
  14. Getting Through Firewall on Driver’s Side (MT)?

    Thanks. I’ll look for that. If so I guess I can just drill through it and then seal it?
  15. Getting Through Firewall on Driver’s Side (MT)?

    Anyone know the best way to get through the firewall in the drivers side? I router power cables through the passenger side using the big rubber grommet but I don’t see an easy way through the drivers side. I want to route some coax. I would appreciate any help.
  16. 37” Tires on All Stock Rubicon?

    I tried searching but didn’t see exactly what I’m looking for. I’m driving an ‘18 stock 6-spd Rubicon JLU. My stock KO2s are wearing down and it’s time to replace. I’ve been battling 35” vs 37” like many others and decided I’d take the mall crawler route first and then lift later. I like the...
  17. Fender mount GMRS antenna and under seat power (pic heavy)

    Any VHF/UHF radio is line-of-sight, so you're going to get similar results. The higher the antenna and more power, the further the range.
  18. Ham Radio Install w/ Pics **Update 3 Years Later**

    Thanks. In the pics, it's the Larsen NMO 2/70B (https://www.dxengineering.com/parts/lsn-nmo2-70b) I'm actually looking now to replace my setup for HF in place of VHF. I have the Yaesu ATAS-120 that I'm looking to pair with my FT-891 but I'm not sure where to mount the ATAS without removing the...
  19. Help Me With Maintenance

    I did change the cabin air filter at 20k, and I have to say that was a show trying to find the right filter at Auto Zone. Even the associates were scratching their heads. Lol, thanks. Thanks. Yes it is a manual, so I’ll consider changing those fluids at 30k. Is the diff fluid change a hard...