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  1. Next Gen (JM?) Wrangler 2-Door - Think it'll be longer?

    Something of note...When it comes to the 2-dr soft top, most of the volume behind the rear seat gets completely swallowed up when the top is folded down. The rigid corners of the side windows make it difficult cram it all in back there too. The rear window doesn't really role up like past...
  2. Am I Special Needs? 🤟🤪🤙

    In my garage, if there's a 50/50 chance of something going right, 90% of the time everything goes wrong. This usually results in thrown tools and lots of profanity. Pisses me off just thinking about it.
  3. Can I keep the original stock spare on my sport s?

    There nothing worse than an STD
  4. Can I keep the original stock spare on my sport s?

    @Retrograde It's actually both.
  5. Death wobble or Bump steer

    It's not death wobble until your ass swallows the entire driver's seat. I'd say alignment and balance issue.
  6. Can I keep the original stock spare on my sport s?

    Why don't you go ahead and drive as fast as you can on your Jeep donut and get back to us. There's a reason why every donut has a strict speed limit written all over it.. But, it seems like lately you have come to the forum just for the sake of arguing.
  7. Can I keep the original stock spare on my sport s?

    Slightly smaller spare is exponentially better than no spare. Just keep an eye out for a match later on. When you find one, throw it on the back.

    They are an absolute BLAST! With all the bs nanny laws and limitations we have in the automotive world, it's almost hard to believe that you can go buy one and actually drive it on public roads.

    Here is how EVERY conversation I have with a Hellcat owner goes: Me: "Man, that's bad ass. ROAST EM!" Hellcat owner: "Nah, I just put new tires...SCREEEEEEEEECH!"....and then they're gone and there's so much tire smoke you can't even see. LMAO!
  10. Anyone go Jeeping Alone?

    Yep. Usually go solo. I also go with a group of close friends somewhere far away every year and like clockwork, one of the wives (different one each time) will COMPLETELY lose her shit for whatever reason halfway up a mountain, insult the group, make an ass out of herself and demand her pw...
  11. Chevy’s Answer to the Ford Bronco and Jeep Wrangler

    Yep... Like a cheap toy from a gas station.. Except this one will cost thousands.. 😆
  12. Lift kit or no lift kit That is the question

    I guess "don't know better" goes both ways then. I'm not going to have a knowledge competition with you. I do agree that the factory setup is better than all previous generations. The op seems to be polling the forum based on looks without lift. Therefore it's likely the op isn't a hardcore...
  13. Lift kit or no lift kit That is the question

    I've yet to experience any lift or suspension modification on any vehicle that doesn't cause problems at some point. My stock JL suspension is just fine. It's taken me everywhere I wanted and then some, a thousand miles from home and back, without some cobbled up combination of parts.
  14. Lift kit or no lift kit That is the question

    Personally, I'd take a little rubbing over messing with the suspension any day. Plus that thing just looks mean and bad ass. Leave it be.
  15. New interior options: Vinyl flooring and vinyl seating surfaces

    These should both be standard options across the entire lineup. Traditionalists are getting railed... Half doors, vinyl seats... That'll be be extra $4,000. Oh wait, sorry, we don't offer that to 2-door buyers. But hey, look at that touch-screen radio you didn't ask for!
  16. Spare Tire One Inch Smaller

    A 1" smaller spare beats no spare. Don't let anyone talk you into the dumbest thing since angry grills: the "spare tire delete" aka STD.
  17. Best way to stop a thief from towing your Jeep?

    And behind that plate, is another fist.
  18. Best way to stop a thief from towing your Jeep?

    I don't understand some of these comments/commenters about not caring if someone steals their Jeep, insurance will cover it, etc. Fuck that. What's mine is mine, what's yours is yours. Touch, damage or steal anything and the offender (not insurance) should reap the consequences.
  19. Takes some getting used to...

    After even a short drive around town in my Dodge 2500 with 285k miles on it, my bone stock 2-door Willys Sport feels like a precision European supercar. Also, I occasionally drive my boss's well kept 2020 Explorer and it's more of a chore to drive than the JL.