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  1. New exhaust

  2. It's not all bad

    Why did you buy your jeep? I've always wanted a JEEP and am looking forward to another season for reason. So far just a bunch of interior (think like a squirrel)mods. Tires and wheels will come in time, bumpers first and soon. 33k and no complaints, this thing is a VW Golf on steroids, a blast...
  3. Pulling the trigger

    Well it happened. Got rear ended, no injuries, suspect was caught 1 town away in a disabled vehicle. It could be raining tittie's and I'd get hit with a dick. From a preliminary view I need a new tailgate. possibly a bumper and receiver hitch. Spare tire and hitch took the brunt of it. I have...
  4. 2.0 electric radiator fan comes on at what temperature?

    Does any one know what temp the fan comes on. Works fine with AC running but never hear it sitting at lights or traffic and seeing 219 degree's on the temp guage.
  5. Anyone running Astir front bumper on their JL ?

    Anyone running with an Astir front bumper on their JL ?
  6. Battery replacement

    I want to upgrade my batteries without jumping to a genesis dual battery system. I've heard the stock one's blow and I've had the ess warning light a few time's in the sub zero weather. I run a dashcam and suspect it may be draining batteries. I have a 2021 2.0 with the towing and cold weather...
  7. Iron Man products

    Any one running with the Iron man Raid series front bumper and side steps. Looks like good stuff to me, just wondering if anyone has experience with ironman.
  8. Warnings?

    is it ok to warn about bad service or are negative reviews frowned upon.
  9. Interior storage

    Made some crude but solid brackets and modified the location of an MPS behind the seat molle panel. I've got 51/2" above the rack for more not every day shit. I didn't want stuff down low and in the rear view., Sometimes I need space for a cart or taller stuff. Still a work in progress but it...
  10. Worth checking out?

  11. No complaints

    Just got back from a day trip through the mountains of N.H. and Vermont. Just over 10k on jeep and got 25.8 mpg on the trip. Actual mileage at pump. I'll take it.
  12. Ham radio

    I'm planning on getting my ham radio technicians license. My question is: what is the best source for studying. I don't want to waste my money on books or on line classes that that are too general in all the types of licenses and over burdened with the technical specs of higher licenses.
  13. Sun shade

    Think I'm gonna test my luck with one of these. really hate the bungee mounts on others. https://www.jlwranglerforums.com/forum/forums/general-jl-jlu-wrangler-discussions.2/
  14. GMRS mobile unit.

    I have a couple wouxun KG-805g gmrs hand helds and they seem to be quality units. I have had my eye on the midland micro-mobile 275 for some time now. I really like the Idea of a remote power unit with the controls in the mike. I longer mike cord can be made cheap with some cat6 cable and some...
  15. Beach Buggy builds?

    It seems everyone is building JEEPS to go rock crawling, mountain climbing or playing in the woods. Not much for either of those in my area that are legal, but I can go to the beach at the drop of a dime. Anyone specifically build for the beach. I would love to see some beach builds.