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  1. Metalcloak transmission crossmember

    Unless installing MC's long arm suspension, or replacing a damaged cross member, there doesn't seem to be a good reason to buy and install this. Am I missing something?
  2. One more reason auto is vastly superior to stick in crawling

    Automatics are generally easier on the drivetrain. I liked the AW4 in my Cherokees and love the JLR's 8-speed automatic. I'm never going back to a manual.
  3. My Jeep failed PA inspection because..

    If that is the law, wire the driving lights so they only operate when the high beams are on. Same with the added rear lights. You have the option of wiring them so they work both automatically, to keep the inspector happy and add a disguised manual override.
  4. What shocks? FOX VS. Rancho

    I tried the Bilstein 5100s on one of my XJs and found them to be too stiff for my old back. Replaced them with Bilsteins 5160s, a great shock for both street and off-road with a much plusher ride. Our 2020 JLR's shocks were stiff too and the rear shocks started leaking within a couple of...
  5. Sway Bar disconnects

    My Rubicon's electronic swaybar disconnect does not live up to expectations. Even with a Tazer, it's on and off and the actual results are hard to detect compared with manual disconnects. After learning to hate the electronic swaybar disconnects, I installed JKS disconnects as I had in my...
  6. Fingerprints everywhere

    After installing a screen saver, I use Windex on it while cleaning the interior windows.
  7. Rubicon sway bar disconnect leaking?

    My disconnect shaft looks the same except for the minor denting of the bellows.
  8. Exact Center

    My 2020 JLR steering box was replaced when it was new, 20,000 miles later, it is as loose as the original aluminum steering box. I'm ready to tighten the top adjustment. Ideally, steering boxes should be removed and clean of fluid for bearing adjustment and set with an in/lb torque wrench. I...
  9. What should I do to my JL that I didn’t know I should do?

    Torque the ball joints to specs, good chance they are already loose.
  10. Soft top or Hard top standard?

    Bought the hard top for winter use and a Sunrider for the summer. Once the Sunrider was installed, it has not come off, even after several snowfalls. The Jeep's heater can overcome almost any cold condition I'm likely to encounter.
  11. 2020 JLUS S Brake Lock Diff

    My old 1997 Cherokee with the NP241 AWD transfer case, along with TrueTracs front and rear, was a great combination for snow, more useful than our Rubicon's lockers in most conditions.. Lockers and snow can be unpredictable.
  12. I doubt this thing will ever see off-road

    It would look perfect if the driver was wearing a Star Wars Stormtrooper suit.
  13. Bottle jack for tire changes

    Another Safe Jack user. Too many times the Hi-Lift has tried to kill me, slipping at the wrong time. Looking at my 2020 JLR, there are no safe jacking points for a High-Lift, other than using a Lift-Mate or Bumper Lift. https://hi-lift.com/accessories/lift-mate/...
  14. I Camper Mini on a Two door JL

    I have run the Maximus 3 Rhino rack on our JLR two-door for a year and a half, carrying 14' sea kayaks and lumber. It can carry a lot of weight, transferring it to the roll bars. Removing the top a very involved project.
  15. M220 Axle Shaft Seal. Part # needed.

    Neither Napa or Rock Auto have a listing for any axle seal fitting a 2021 JR, it may be a dealer-only part.
  16. Eaton E-Locker Dana 30 & 35

    I have run an E-Locker on my 2001 Cherokee's D30 for over 70,000 miles without issues. It works when needed, replacing an ECTED that self-destructed in less than 30,000 miles. An even more useful choice, IMO, would be a Truetrac, I have run them in my XJs and TJs without problems for over...
  17. Exact Center is a steering stabilizer new for Jeeps

    I have used Roadmaster RV towbars, baseplates, and braking units for over twenty years, they build good stuff. All three of my Jeep have their own Roadmaster towbars. Now, I want an Exact Center for both the JLR and our 25' MH. Tending to keep vehicles for a long time, I wonder how long the...
  18. Keep the Air Dam or go Aftermarket Skid?

    On our Rubi, rotating the swaybar motor allowed removing the heavy skid plate. A short skid was fashioned to protect the bottom of the swaybar motor, plus a second skid was made for the bottom of the axle disconnect motor. The horns remain, the towing bracket connects to them, until I come up...
  19. Does an answer to this hardtop question even exist?

    I'm happy with the Maximus-3 roll bar to roof bar kit installed a year ago. It's used to safely carry sea kayaks, fuel cans, and other heavy items by transfering the weight of the roof rack into the roll bars, instead of the plastic roof. It was a bit of work to install and it makes removing...
  20. Can a Rubicon Unlimited tow an Expedition 2.0 off-grid trailer?

    After pulling trailers for close to 50 years, I want to keep the trailer weigh way under the maximum allowed weight, it’s a lot safer and more enjoyable to drive.. Running at maximum weight makes steep uphills a slow ride, the downhills can be dangerious if the driver doesn’t stay on top of the...